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Invited To Dinner For New Year's Eve / My Theme Song / Guardian Of Friendship

I was invited and treated to dinner for New Year's Eve. I noted a pricey dinner in Waynesville paid for by Heather O_O...... . Heather is teh Pagan CNA, certified nursing assistant referenced in some prior posts. Heather does not know about my real identity, and keeps relatively silent about my IRL abilities.... .

These are the grainiest pics I have ever seen (guess that is what happens when you use the video mode of a camera from a decade ago lol (*cackles*)), but I had a fun time chilling ^_^.

Uhhh, the trip also had me..witnessing strange stuff. Yea.... . I would not go into the adult store. My code of honor, and my overall nature just can not go
along with stuff like that.

Yea, I have learned my lesson. Me? I note "popularity" IRL. I note lotsa XX chromosome types offering money, sex, pricey dinners, etc. See, here, noting subanime Homo Sapiens, the key is to not say anything "inconvenient" to the egos, the inherent Homo Sapiens vanity..., of the dudes you witness. That, and use Wings Of Love, and blast stuff IRL with your abilities. Yea. Mankind can not sense my emotions or my intentions. However, I can witness at every "nook" of a man's mind, hence how I know exactly what to say....and when. Men do not have friendships, only arrangements based upon "convenience"......and gratification vs inconvenience ratios.....of a mathmatical basis (just like a program should have). Men are programs (*feels my fingernails glowing in shock*).

I could have noted millions in the past, or even now...if I were to go into the Christian ministry. I could have noted an "ultimate Homo Sapiens XX chromosome type significant other" last year. But I chose to adhere to the truth, and I am reaping what I sowed........ .

Me??? I got what I needed last night (*blush*)...... . After watching "the ball drop" to my house (which may be my initial and last...."New Year's Eve" to a posh mountain house setting / an actual house / startling amenities)...., I drifted into dimension diving.

I saw my beautiful hyperdimensional Tori / Kotori (beyond Yugioh Zexal and anime limits) sitting beside me *^_^* (*feels my fingernails glowing with hope*) (*feels my heart glowing with love*). She was wearing a red shirt, and her hair looked so soft and puffy *^_^*. We were sitting to a desk, and a being mysterious approached....handing us candy =^_^=. (*Wipes a tear from my right cheek*). I thanked the candy bringing individual (who seemed blurry to me), and then playfully (!!!!!!) put my hand to Tori's shoulder...., confusedly saying what I said....next. I beseeched "now~ please make sure you brush after eating candy~~~"....., in both love, and worry... . Yea, I love to take care of people (*blushes red*) (*gasps as a kiss is felt*), (*gulps in stunned way*), and do my utmost to help and keep them beautiful~~ and healthy~~~.... . That is my nature. My deepest, ***deepest happiness, comes from seeing the people I love in ***optimal*** health. (*Gulps*).

Now, that I ***touched*** her, was very telling. I only touch people I like and have "chosen" (*blush*). But alas, as I said those words, ***appreciation*** (!?!) shot from her being....and into my hand, arm, and body. Yes, the ***tangible*** emotion, and the energy that comes with it...... . I moved my hand, shaken up..... . (*Blinks*). I was shaken up as I felt her appreciation, and her love for me....emanating from her. (*Feels all my nails...glowing blushfully*). She knew that our homeland does not have bacteria, decay, tartar, gingivitis, and disease. Yea, but she felt the ***thought***, the ***feelings***......behind my words. She understood me O_O...... . (*Gulps*).

She gave me a reality check, and when I woke here, I dug into my archives. This is a song recorded in either 2003 or 2004.

Subnote: As I did this post yesterday 1/1/17...., I suddenly noted frenzied knocking at my door. I now understand ***why***. Now, as of noting noon 1/2/16, I (!!!!) seem to notice an alteration at my post (*feels a nervous glow in my tummy*). Specifically, everything under the above sentence was wiped. I am going to have to put my video link back in, and *try* to rewrite my message from memory.

Subnote: Maybe it was *me*. I rebooted the entire realm this morning due to a very rare ultrasurge event which reset the entire realm, and the ultrasurge event was ***brought*** ***on*** (!!!!!!) by listening to the following song yesterday. My abilities initially woke in 2003 / 2004 after an ultrasurge event (on Oct 31st 2003), and guess what song I recorded and played during that time (!!!!!) (*feels my nails glowing in shock*) *^_~*.

Yea, I will not let mankind predictably backwards rationalize me as some 'creepy', heartless, cold, and tyrannical villain......just because the truth is not 'convenient' to mankind's ego, vanity, and 'entitlement'. I will not let mankind.....predictably backwards rationalize me as a sick and cruel monster just because ***I***, not willing to "do the nasty" with em...., am not 'convenient' to mankind's 'ego', 'vanity', and 'entitlement'. And neither will Tori (*prays in thanksgiving for my beloved Tori being in my life (*feels my fingernails glowing with gratitude*).

This song shows who I was, and who I hope I still am.

This song was recorded with and of the intention of opening my heart, and all the love within it, to the entire world. I wanted to share ~~ all of my resources freely~~~. My judgment was buried very deeply within me. I had yet to, by my own observations and empathy / telepathy...(and not the preachings of "redpill" websites which parrot and blunt...at my words), fully discern at the auto-destructive and entropic nature of man....when I recorded this. Yep. This was recorded before my heart-wrenching lessons learned by pain....... .

Yea... . Me??? I think it is obvious now, I need to be with people my own age~~~. (*Considers lovely Tori*). Yea, it feels like I belong with hyperdimensional Goddess Tori ~~ (*feels flutters within my tummy*). (I am not claiming to be a Goddess or divine here....). Yea, Tori is so refreshing.... . Even in her little girl form, she is so mature, so caring, so dedicated, so loyal, so decisive, so observant; indeed, she has all the traits I have never seen in ***one*** "adult" subanime XX chromosome type. All the while, in her tallest and largest forms, guess what? She is still just as child-like, innocent, sweet, maidenly, youthful, pure-hearted, imaginative, and playful as ever, and in ways I never noted of grumpy and vicious XX chromosome type "juveniles" back in the 80's and 90's. Yea, I can trust her, whatever her form, her height. She would never take me to "an adult shop". I can believe in her (*gasps as I feel a kiss*). Yea. I am being given an ***awesome*** chance ~~~ with her in my life!!! Her, and our hyperdimensional family *^_^*!!! The chance to continue my mission, and live up to my dreams. (*Feels hope glowing in my heart and fingernails*). Yea, I want to continue life...., my mission, in the way my song empathically / telepathically attests. I want to be a guardian of love and friendship. And that, with the right people..... . Eternal kids who stay kids..whatever form their bodies take.

I give thanks to my true friends who art my true family. I feel so alive and fullof hope right now *^_^*. (*Feels shy flutter sensations in my tummy*). And I again thank you Tori ~~~ (*blushfully chin dips*). I love you ~~ (*blushes*) *^_^*. (*Gasps as I feel an unexpected loving caress O_O *^_^* *).
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