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Living With A Goddess / Limitless Omnidimensional Energy And Abilities

"The quality of an adventurer's lifestyle is directly attested by the quality of the girlfriend in said adventurer's life".


When it comes to having a girlfriend, an ultimate and truly perfect girlfriend, I win (*blush*).

Hands down....(*blushes*). (*Grins*). (*Feels a tear of joy trickle my right cheek*).

No man can compete with me there (*gasps as I feel a kiss to my left cheek*).

Yea, I love life (*exhales with joy and awe*).

I love my girlfriend (*shakes my head in awe*). (*Recalls my precious and adorable Nina*).... .

Yea... . I am happy *^_^*.

I'll describe events another day, yea, because tonight, I'm gonna dance :D!!!

*Feels a rainbow tones celestial energy field around me*. (*Prays in thanksgiving to have Nina, a true divine Goddess, and a true friend in every way, in my life*).

Tags: girlfriend, goddess level being, happiness, life is awesome, love, nina, relationship matters
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