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Tifa Snowbunny Funtime *^_^*!!! / Savoring These Concluding Days / Romantic Snowfall

I am going to be shooting and recording a music video on Saturday *^_^*!!!!

(*Feels my fingernails glowing with hope* (!!!! :D)*). I am going to have stylized covers of the FFVII snow resort theme, Twinbee Rainbow Bell Adventures' snow theme, and the starry plateau altar theme from TA. Yea, I'mma have a snow service of prayers of thanksgiving, and rock n' roll :D!!!!!

Yea. The ground is absolutely *covered* in snow now...... . Makes me feel that "Espeon" akin space bunnycat form of mine.....stirring within me, yea, the white furred form with the bluish starlike spots ^_~.

I have been away a bit due to cool stuff IRL. Had witnesses as I, with a booming headache, made any and all lights flicker around me...and buzz O_O....IRL.

Deep space cosmic ray levels are ***up*** around the planet. Whereas my 2003 awakening caused the largest solar flares on record, now, there are ***NO*** sunspots....as the heralding sign of my current awakening.

Oh. I noted EKG stress test results came back. Noted the doc say they were "abnormal".... .

As such (*cackles*) I should have a "hospital" music video, shot and recorded in a hospital bed (yea, literally) by January 18th. (I am literally going to play and record the video in the hospital via my little Jaggolin ^_~). (I am not going to get any surgery done, so it'll be okay).

Okay jaggopals (!! *gasps as a kiss is felt*) ;)... . Guess I should rest up before plugging in my guitar come sunrise / dawn (*swoons to the word related to the holy name of my blue haired hyperdimensional Goddess Of Hope*)...... / daylight. Yea. I am cozy, the house has plenty of heat, and my food stores are ***loaded***. I again want to give thanks to the beings who enabled me to live like this in this house. I feel free, and unburdened. My progress is not being held back...... . This house is a place of paradise, a place radiating with my feelings of happiness and hope. However long or brief I shall have this place, it is mine today, my shining sanctuary of hope and prayer (*feels a tear going down my left cheek*), and I am truly thankful. Yea, it wasn't paranoia....., what I did (*feels my fingernails glowing with hope*)...... . It was not paranoia....to try to protect my happiness, my peace of mind, my "no drama in the house"....lifestyle... . As always, I note 'all' 'problems' at my life are '***external***'. Left to my own training, my own affairs, undisturbed, and in a scenic and therapeutic mountain house, my life feels like ***PARADISE***!!!! TOTAL peace and happiness :D!!! That is because I planned for it for decades, and did my utmost to work towards it. Even noting 'high' 'school', I made my celibacy pledge, used the track team facilities to train my body, adhered to the lessons from my visions, and sought sanctuary in the mountains. My dreams came true O_O (*gawks, as realizes, ***they*** *did*!!!!!!*)..... . (*Prays in thanksgiving to the beings who supported me in my journey*). If I could just witness mankind disappear (which is my wish, regarding the deactivation of the hyperdimensional artifact called The Infiniversal Routing Gem / The Big Bang Gem)........, I feel like I could live in paradise..here..in this very house (and this reformatted realm) in total peace and happiness.....forever and ever~~~.....(*but...remembers my duties in the overworld, the real hyperdimensional physical world...beyond this imagination based realm of thoughtforms*).
Tags: house of art, house of my dreams, house of prayer, music studio, upcoming music video
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