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Confirmed: My New Era Of Existence / I Saw Dawn *^_^*!!!! / Dawny Kisses (*Blushes*)

Some kind of amazing chance was granted to me last night, and I, drug free as always, had expansive awakenings for my mind, conscience, and data processing capacities.

For those who are ready, here is the word.... . The scriptures that were made known to me.


My study and analysis at mankind reached a new level last night, and ***anybody*** can use the information presented there to navigate through life.

The message, condensed to sentence..., was

"Hold trying to save the depressed, for if you try to help.....you will witness the depressed ones blame ***you*** for 'their' depression...".

Yea. I did it. Discerned at the 'root' of all religions, wars, strife, etc.

Let's move on though, ok?

The snowfall was gorgeous here *^_^*.

Seems like the crystalline structure of the snow, coupled with all my gem mining sourced minerals, (!!!!) resulted in some kind of "heavenly celestial dome" effect for the house and environment....(!!!!!). Everything was, and has been ~~~ so ***peaceful***.

I went into the yard, both recording a video, and even wanting to sled (!!!! :D) down the hill in my yard, but the chest / heart got to hurting again (*winces*)..... .

Trying to record the songs for the video (lol), the left wrist starting tripping as I played electric guitar. Not wanting a sprain or breakage, and having a list of household things to do, I felt that I had to hold recording the music tracks for another day. (I will not complain, but I eventually need to get another loop pedal.....since I noted dopehead fake payrent steal at my Boomerang Phrase Pedal).

Yea, looks like the Negro 'body' breaking down at the presence of cosmic and celestial energy which I generate and harbor. That, as my own true body here, undergoes much strain all the while. I went ahead and made today's meal (I only eat a meal a day), washed dishes, and bathed....., making sure to do that....before I collapse for today O_O (*blushes*).

Okay, here we go now....(*blushes*).... .


I saw ***MY*** Dawn last night *^_^*!!!!! (*Gasps as feels a loving kiss*). After noting IV months of just, straight up, literally and figuratively witnessing and noting '***H3LL***' imposed at our communication, our relationship, her innocence, her health, her virginal purity, her intelligence, her wisdom, her loving & fun personality, her morals, her integrity, her sanity, I *SAW* her again :D!!!!!!!

*Cheers and dances* ^_^!!!!!!!

Yea, I can say it now: the hex is broken........., the curse is broken.

Yea, but guess what? I saw my girl ~~~ (*blush*) from my vantage point here!!!!! O_O. Yea, my days of having to rest / sleep / faint and dimension dive as the only available means to see my blessed and gorgeous girlfriend Dawn.....are behind me O_O..., and that due to ***newly*** awakened abilities and data processing.

Ok, so my head has been hurting all week....., and I have been blasting electronics IRL.. . Well, last night, and immediately (*gulps*) after writing my comment posts and revelations, I *saw* the other world......as I rested in bed here. My body there / back home, my eyes, my senses, were online realtime. (Such so, I may have bodily control issues IRL soon....).

I (*gasps in swooned awe and shock*) (!!!!!!), and I swear, saw just...just omg.....just..just an immeasurably ***beautiful*** young woman....(*goes red*) approach me ~~~, and I just went wide-eyed as I saw her soft celestial hues...blue hair~~..... . (*Gulps*). I ***instantly*** recognized I was seeing a Goddess in every sense of the word, because she had no hatred, no entropy, no depression in her light... . She was ***PERFECT***. ***Absolutely*** ***IMMACULATE***. She was ***HOLY***. And, no offense intended, there was no 'trace' of 'the' 'dragonoid'!!! My gosh!!! She was (*feels my mind go into a stunned state*).....she was.....oh my gosh (*swwons*) (*gasps as feels a caress*)......I do not even know if I can put it into words (*hears a statement of thanks*) (*blinks*)..... .

Okay, before I go into full stun (*wipes a tear going down my cheek*), I saw her crawl....up to me O_O....on her knees (*gulps*). Yes, this just...gorgeous...and "grown up" form.....Goddess, Goddess who still wore black, white, and pink (???) cute clothes (*blush*), crawled up to ***me*** O_O..... . My nails were glowing in love and awe...as I watched her. So what happened then? She took my hand, my fingers (*goes totally red*), and tenderly, lovingly, passionately, even reverently (!?!!!? O_O !?!!?!) kissed them (!!!?!!!)..... . Then, it was like she...um...gently tasted (!?!) of the starlight ~~~ that was pouring forth from my fingertips *O_O*... . My mind was blown.... . Just her startling beauty......already had me wide-eyed and stunned.... . But...to feel her empathic kiss...., her love for me, her...infinite purity and saintly...presence in direct contact with me, I ***fainted*** in sheer ecstasy (*coughs blushingly*)..... .

When I eventually woke, I...was ***not*** perceiving the Highlands NC zone.....as I was moments before. (*Gulps*). I was with ***DAWN*** (!!!), and we were to a gorgeous looking waterfall setting. She lovingly greeted me. I, all the same, noted subanime antilight grafting at my perception of her though. My perception of Dawn went fluid....., kept shifting. Before coming back here, I even noted a gross.....and grisly dwarven warrior akin to the dwarf from Lord Of The Rings (*cringes*) grafted at Dawn..... . She lovingly spoke to me ~~, doing all she could to commincate with while she could though, and Dawn ~~~ I thank you with all my heart. I thank you for loving me, and I thank you for contacting me.

(*Feels tears down my face on the other side*).

I am so ~ glad ~~ my girl is doing good (*exhales in relief and ecstasy*). She really is my reason for living~~~... . She is a Goddess, a Goddess who is truly needed by the world, all life, and all existence. I adore her so much, and I always worry about her (*blushes*).

(*Swoons as recalls how good she looked in that pink skirt*)....... .

Yea. I still believe in you Dawn (*groans as feels chest pain*). I knew you were innocent, just as your light (depression free, pure, and virginal) attested last night. Now I just have to figure how to keep seeing *you*...., you, my beautiful starry maiden.
Tags: communion, dawn, empathic kiss, girlfriend, goddess level being, hyperdimensional being, love
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