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House Of Prophecy...Indeed / I Need More Headaches If This...Art The Result Of Them

Yea, I'm loving it, life in this house (*blushes with happiness*).

This house is shaping up to be ***everything*** I was hoping it would be.

It is peace. It is tranquility. It is a refuge....... .

(*Thinks about my heart issues*). There is even, if I am still here in summer, a river (!!!) which I can mine Sillimanite, Kyanite, Rubies, and Sapphires from ~~~ right in front of the house O_O!!! Yea, I would get a boat (*grins*) if I were still here by summer.

As for now, wow....just wow.

(*Feels my fingernails glowing with hope*).

Hey, I might make my own manga.....*^_~*.....if I am still here by Autumn. I did not know it was such a thing of ease to sketch on a Wii U. Using ink, no eraser, and notebook paper for years, tis really such a thing of ease do an electronic sketch.

I am going to see about getting electronic art equipment as soon as my situation allows it.....and if there is still time. I have only, apparently, taken the initial steps when it comes to art. There are so many art ideas I have yet to even tap into.... . I can feel them (*blushes*).

In regard to stargazing, which I use as inspiration for my music and sketches, I assembled my telescope from my college days... .

Yea... . I now have a pair of telescopes, and an acceptable view of the sky in front of the house.

Umm.....looks like I have a ***lot*** of new abilities online after all those super ouchietime headaches.

Last night amidst dimension diving, I noted an assault by some anime samurai dude with a godkiller katana of some sort. During that event....I witnessed an unknown blond anime dude with red eyes grafted at me.... . I used my hand, which was suddenly covered in celestial steel armor, to block at the weapon........, and then I cloaked the entire environment in stellar fire....... . I do not know which anime 'realm' dude hailed from. He had long dark hair...... .

During another event, I saw..what seemed to be this world here, going totally fluid again O_O....for a brief interval.

Yea... . *Other* things happened....and are happening too (*blushes*). But I do not want to report them on here.....(*goes totally red*).

Well.....I am about to go have some cereal (*grins*), prepare lunch, and then write in my private journal. Me??? I just hope the next big thing happens ***soon***. I, in an attempt for honesty, must admit that I do not know why I am still here. (*Thinks about Code Blue*). I ***really*** want to close things "on a good note". I will not complain though...... . I will try to use my time productively and efficiently.... . No complaining, no getting fat, no dwelling on nonsense / external problems dumped at my life, no making excuses. I plan to show my thanksgiving.., my thanks to the beings that make my lifestyle possible......, by way ~~~ of my actions as well as my words. I wanna do work *^_^*!!!

(Thanks again, my beloved hyperdimensional family).
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