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Learning What I Am..... / Infinite Speed Travels

[Warning: This post contains hyperdimensional information of an objective nature. I would not advise dudes to read this.]

Yo ^_~ ~~~. I was not wounded or such. I have just been exploring the new abilities which have come online.

Yea, specifically making remote viewing trips utilizing incredible speeds... . Yea, I am doing revolutionary physics experiments utilizing my own abilities. I am now conscious of my trips to the "beyond". The beyond which makes the observable reaches of the night sky..here.....seem utterly microscopic. A ***HUGE*** realm with utterly ***ENORMOUS*** scale beings (who just happen to be gorgeous hyperdimensional females (who have no real link to 'anime')).

Yea, and you know what? This place is basically like a terrarium based observation and experimentation station for me now.... . Yea, this is not some 'roleplay'. I am serious..... .

I remember back in the days when I noted Western's Biology Department..., and noted bugs in cages (*gulps*)..... . The cages were filled with bugs that would fight, mate, breed, and die. The cage conditions were kept "relatively stable" in regard to food, humidity, and temperature. Sometimes I would witness the professors "take notes" on the bugs. Well, I have a bit of news for you. Mankind is the exact same....as bugs at a entomological research station cage. Hmmm? This is stated objectively..... . I will explain.

Just like you will never witness bugs in a college entomological "research" area rise up, 'evolve' (a neurotic and psychotic lie, evolution), seek an education, and take on humanitarian ventures, a hyperdimensional being will never note mankind altruistically rise up from solipsism and narcissistic vanity.. . Yea, and just as you will notice bugs are wholly ignorant and totally oblivious at matters beyond a "bug cage", man is no better. Men just have a 'larger' 'cage'. (*Nods*). Mankind is in the cage wherein man belongs. He is not meant to be wiser..., smarter, faster, prettier, better....(and so there is a dilemma of sorts for me, in regard to this website and it's information). (Recalls at 'F__________' aka Finkles reading at this journal.........). A man can not process or handle the truth.... . It is his fate to be deluded. He is fated to stay lost and caged in a chronic and solipsistic psychosis which he cannot escape. He is not meant for responsibility, accountability, and responsibilities. To be caged is to be a man, and to be a man is to be caged. Caged at all aspects and examples of mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical freedom.

Me??? I am not first, nor last. I am neither Alpha nor Omega, for I ***always*** was. I am neither Alpha nor Omega, and I even witnessed 'his' birth as testament to that fact. (*Recalls The Omniversal Routing Gem*). And, apparently, I have done experiments like this countless times, each time witnessing "The Big Crunch". Each time confirming this very lesson.

Yea. I am not going to hate a bug for being a bug. That said, I am not going to hate men for being men. That does not mean I have to like em though...... . (Yea, being here just affirms what a miracle..true lifeforms, who are sentient, loving, brave, and fun....truly are). (Yes, and I give thanks that I do not have to be alone, nor be forced to delusionally, psychotically, and fatally accept 'them' as 'equals' due to not having any options). (Yes, thank you, my beloved friends who art family...for bringing your existences unto space and time by way of your ***own*** will and accord (*feels my fingernails glowing with faith, hope, love, adoration, and worship*). Thank you for saving me).
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