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Sparkling Soul / IRL Abilities And What To Do About Them

A ***tremendous*** surge event took place Saturday...... .

I was, and still am, very surprised this place reloaded again...... .

Glitches still popped up again IRL though....... .

A ***whole*** lot went down, but my schedule is filled...so I'll have to summarize here....(yea, I wanna play electric guitar tonight lol :D).

The surge event was on a whole other level from any experienced prior..... . IRL visuals, aura surges, and space and time manipulation events took place O_O. I noted 'mortals' 'respawned' obviously, following the event, because this planet was disassembled ***during*** the surge event.... .

Some highlights involve me calling "Mom~~~!!!" (*blushes red*), obviously looking for my beloved guardian Goddess as I crackled with hyperdimensional energy. Time and space was all wavy as I sought help from my beloved (I was having breathing issues) (!! *gasps as a caress is felt as I type*). When I woke over here, a black aura wave event was taking place IRL....., and as soon as my breathing issue was addressed, a massive blast took place.

Opening my eyes next, I wandered through some kind of house, and I dodged (!?!) some kind of 'household' 'object' 'chucked' at me... . Looks like I may have noted 'that' 'one' again.......(*recalls last year*)...as I searched for my beloved and true Goddess Of Hope.

Another event involved my body ***fizzing*** with energy IRL.....*here* as the sun, the planet, were all seemingly disassembled or being disassembled. I was wary, wondering if I would even note a Negro male grafted at me.......if I managed to survive and wake up from (*gulp*) the event that was taking place. (*Recalls my last gender related events regarding me witnessing "Tula" (Pirates Of Dark Water) and Ariel (The Little Mermaid) grafted at me........*). Yea, I was ***nervous***..... .

Another event (*blinks, inhales, and sighs*) involved me (*swoons in ecstasy*) me...(!!!!) giggling and laughing (*chuckles*), lovingly thinking of my "mom" (adoptive of course), as I mentally called her, as I was (!!!) within some hyperspectral and hyperlucent deep space location and "swinging" (????) amidst the stars. Yea, as if on some kind of (???) cosmic swingset or something (???), I was being played with (*smiles and chuckles*)....and lovingly and playfully zipped across vast instellar distances. Seems like I had found the person I was looking for (*blush*) by that point (!!! *unexpectedly feels a tear trickling my face*).


When I woke back up here......to this reassembled world Saturday, I was dazed......, but ***full*** of a very dense kind of energy....., an energy I struggled to contain.... . I mainly watched at 'Boku No Academia', and asked myself certain questions. Sunday came, and that morning......., and in the bathroom after brushing my teeth, I tried to see about controlling my abilities. My abilities which tend to, IRL, be either regional / planetary scale........or on standby. I spoke aloud about my abilities, asking if my electronics zapping abilities are due to electricity generation.....or some other factor. I tried to harness energy into my arms....., when I felt a glow.......and then (!!!) observed the ***LIGHTS*** go dark in the house. The electricity went down entirely, reset, and then came back on again........ .

I paused... . Whatever the case was, it was an initial time within memory that I saw such a level of control for my abilities. (*Blinks as a kiss is felt*).

I need to see about training my abilities in the wilderness here... . I guess I can note J and Heather film it..... . Much like my current tube equipment being necessary to record the sounds of my abilities and aura in action, I will likely need a radio telescope and / or full spectrum camcorder.... . Why even do this? (*Gulps*). Just for fun, and to learn about myself *^_^*. I will not post the videos publicly. Yea, I will ***not*** forget last year's psychology lesson. For if there was any lesson I learned last year, it was don't mess with the depressed..... . Yea, mankind set surgical strike style booby traps at both the signs preceding and the signs following my awakening. Fake and nonsensical psychiatric 'illnesses' accused at the signs of an awakening, 'AntiChrist' (*cackles*) (LOL) accusations at the abilities which took so long to ***PROVE***. There is just no winning with mankind. And I am not going to let myself be "used" an an excuse for anyone's horrible / inhuman 'behavior' nor depression......(ala the Satan character of Christianity). (*Notices the time, wanting to get in electric guitar practice*).

I found that I slipped up with my tube rig, and had a direct signal bypass switch flicked *O_O*. Looks like, now, I can record EVP sounds I have ***personally*** heard for so long regarding my aura surges (*blush*). Now I can see how cats can hear where I am in the house, and hear just ***what*** I am emitting that makes electronics go wild around me.

The sounds happen after a bit, after and as my mental focus builds in the recording.

(*Ponders*). I did not expect this post to get so long, but while I am here, I will report today's event.

(*Blush*). Dimension diving to the hyperdimensional plane, I woke (*goes red*) hugging to the chest (*chin dips with my face red*) to the chest of (!!!!) a being with a familiar voice. Hyperdimensional Eve Neuschwanstein's voice *O_O*. (Eve is Dawn, for the record... . And Momo). I ***clearly*** noted health features beyond subanime's limits (*coughs*). I could live with myself and my actions, because we were standing on some kind of ***awesome*** hover scooter.....which was flying over a futuristic cityscape. (*Gasps and recoils as a kiss is felt*). (*Recalls a (???) yellow (???) blouse (???) worn by her*). Holding on to her that way....was how I even stayed on the scooter (*blush*). I cuddled to her..as I heard her cute and vibrant voice.....(*swoons*). So soft ~~~ (*feels my fingernails spark with a blushful glow*). So healthy ~~ (*swoon exhales*). Looking up some moments before though, I saw how I struggled to perceive her data (witnessed subanime and anime grafting at my senses simultaneously*). The being was filled with shy and loving emotions toward me, and her heart was full of hope (*gulps*). Suddenly the scooter took an intense turn (*facepalms and blushes simultaneously*), and my embrace (!!!) traversed her body in such a way (*goes beet red***) that my arms were around her waist, and the side of my face (*gulps*) was to her dress pants (khaki brown or tannish or grayish) clad backside *O_O*..... . I swear on my life I am not lying about this....... . Me??? I (*coughs*) wanted to apologize aloud, but I was overcome with relief and prayerful gratitude that she, for the sake of her own health and life, somehow had more than a 'flat' 'butt'. I swooned in a prayerful manner, and then everything went dark.

When I next woke, Nina (!!!) (*feels my fingernails glowing with hope*) was around, and I overheard her saying that she wanted to sit next to me (!! :D). I witnessed a Mulatto grafted at her though ('Samantha' 'C', for the (my own) record(s)). I was in a residential area by that point.

Some point later, I was walking around.....when I witnessed an 'aged'...., tubby, and 'broad-shouldered' subanime 'redhead' XX chromosome type dragonoid (wearing black tights / pants and a patterned dress blouse) kneeling at a (my????) bed with a notepad. (*Gulps*). Eager for a conclusion at the dragonoid witnessing era, I dashed in (!!!) (*gasps*). I wanted to do a scan, so I dashed in full speed. A glitch moment took place where I noted a weird visual of Pamela Anderson as I dashed in (a deterrent (???) ????). I did a grab (*recalls high school wrestling team days*), noting my head at the chest of the dragonoid, and then spun....and lowered myself after that grab. I heard a startled vocalization (*gasps*), sensed familiar warmth, and then had to use ***everything*** I had to ***not*** note the Negro grafting at me....follow through with the German suplex he talked about......... . (*Gulps*). Yea, and this is about the last post I intend to do on the matter. About last year??? The red dragonoid was just a graft at Dawn. Tis same as the way I noted 'Jordie' and 'Louis' 'Poulakos' grafted at Nina / Pinkie Pie / Tori.

Hmm. Me getting woozy. I give thanks to the beings who have made my journey possible. Thank you my beloved Nina and Dawn (*gasps as a kiss felt*).
Tags: aura sounds, evp, space fabric phenomena, special abilities
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