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Snowcat Takes Teh Steps

I know it is little, for now, but it is an initial step in the direction I need to be headed *^_^*. If you turn the volume all the way up, you can listen for what happens as I extend my hand.

Hmmmm (*grins*).

Lights and sounds generated by way of an empathic basis...., that do not even require amplification equipment (*ponders*). Love that can be proven with sound and light (*ponders*)....... . I must make such a goal ~~~~. Just imagine ~~~ it. Love that can be ***proven***. (*Gasps as I feel a caress as I type (*blush*)*)........ .

I am glad I could live up to my word about this training house (*feels hope glowing within my tummy *O_O* *^_^* *)........, and did not get here only to be "trapped in depression".....after getting what I wished for. I am glad I was not "all talk". Still, there is so much more that can be done....(*ponders*)..... . (*Wonders if this heart can make it*). I must try to keep my head up, and keep trying to do as much work as possible.

I want to use this house to bring infinite light, infinite hope (*gulps*) unto this world.

*Prays, prays in the hope that these goals may be met with success*.
Tags: house of love, house of my dreams, house of prophecy, sanctuary, snow
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