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Let's See What I Can Really Do / Let's Get To Work

Looks like the heart stuff clinched it.... .

No SSI cut, so I stay in the mountain house.

Time for me to part the clouds which have covered this area for so long...... .

Time for me to see what I am made of. Yea. No excuses, no copouts, no rationalizing, (as always) no roleplaying......, no deception, no distractions.

I gotta take those little sparkle sounds caught in those videos, and make them a *TORRENT*!!!!! I ***WILL*** prove magic is real... .

(*Gazes to my heart*)......(*gasps as I feel a caress to my lower back as I type *O_O*......*).

I again thank all the beings who supported me in my journeys, supported me in earnest love and care. I apologize to you all....that my abilities were so slow to awaken, and so wild and unfocused........when they are made known as of late. I feel guilt.... .

(*Feels overcome with nausea*)......(woa). Ulgh, I think I need to go rest a bit....... .
Tags: house of art, house of my dreams, life goals, mission statement, thanksgiving
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