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DC Smash Up / Wings Of Love Field Test

Yea... . Something ***big*** went down yesterday, and I may as well report it here.....real quick. So, I noted Batman, Robin, Black Manta, some 'knight' dude, Lois, and a ****ton of DC 'multiverse' dudes assaulting at me last night. Kryptonite ropes, poisons, melee attacks, swords, acids, etc....... . I witnessed an "old style" (50's) variant of Superman...grafted at me...... .

I just tanked at the damage, and withstood at the assaults via hyperdimensional shielding....for I was more interested in studying at the attackers... . (*Gulps*). What makes me worried...is how....., when I remote viewed at the smash up from a distance, I noted.....a strange and evil force lying and blitzing hypnosis attacks. The force tried claiming that I was only watching some new "movie release" featuring a "new and reknowned director". Yea, basically, I witnessed assaults targeted at my mind, body, and soul....... . I resisted at em though.... .

Worst attack though was prolly by Lois Lane (!?!?!), surgically striking at my relationship yearnings (*coughs*) which I try to harbor in secret......(*blush*). I avoided at Lois....., keeping my thoughts focused on my beautiful and sweet little monkey...and Goddess Of Hope.

Yea, I was truly stuck noting DC 'multiverse' all morning and night...... .


I tried to rest after getting back here from the ordeal.........(*feels my stomach in knots*).

I was soon dimension diving again, and woke to some couch (!?!) in a subanime location... . A subanime anime hybrid XX chromosome type blond wearing pj's (!?!) was cuddle holding at my head (*blinks*).

I woke up again after a bit...., and was on a couch again..... . But....., um....., I witnessed Ketrino (*cackles*)......O_O..........sitting at my side. Silly me....is all I can say. (*Facepalms*). I used Wings Of Love, and was behaving in an eerie manner.... . I was seeking friendship O_O. I was all like "I want to be friends~~~"....., saying it in earnest. Wings Of Love took effect though, and I noted (*cackles*) something akin to an old Care Bears broadcast.......as I reached my sparkling hand at Ketrino's hand. It worked, for event anyway (*blinks*). Me??? I think I just noted another "graft" situation as usual, and I will not read into what happened "too much" (such as contacting at Ketrino via the internet here)...:P.

I need to brace myself..... . Tis eerie stuff afoot.
Tags: battle, fights, warfare
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