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Training With World Class Amenities

Just as I spoke *O_O*....., Tuesday was very clear and sunny around here. Wednesday was too..... .

Me??? I am still in shock about this house.....(*gulps*) (*blinks*). But it is what I have planned for a very long time. Indeed.....(*ponders*). Sorting through me stuff in the house today, I said a quote I need to type here..... .

"To see a person's true character revealed, see how they behave after they have been given everything they ***say*** they wanted".... (*winces*).

That statement would be called quite "red pill".... .

You see, fact is, poverty and strife are just excuses for man's automatically depressed 'nature'.. . People who are not depressed will seek to climb, climb, succeed, and climb, and not listen to the 'haters' and 'naysayers'. They do not ***WANT*** excuses.....for failure, they do not ***WANT*** a 'bad' 'guy' (God / Satan / The AntiChrist / Jag Yggdrasil / Jane Doe / bad guy X) to blame for auto-inflicted mistakes and failures. They have free will, and can observe and detect at threats, and preemptively avoid at those threats....rather than use them as a "crutch".

Me? I witnessed the ghetto, indeed, but now I do not. I do not have (or want) any excuses now, in regard to my (*gulps*) living conditions. I now have world class amenities O_O available to me..... . My house has water that comes from a mountain stream utterly laden with magically charged Quartz, Sapphires, Rubies, Kyanite, and Rhodolite Garnet gemstones. Not only that, I am mining Sillimanite, Sapphires, Rubies..., and the like....from the river and stream beside my house *O_O*.... . I even have over IV acres here....to explore and mine as I wish..... . If I want a Sillimanite or Quartz gemstone the size of my head, I just go to a place nearby....to my house and carry it back O_O..... .

Yea. No excuses. No copouts. No deception. No rationalizing.

Me? I have to dust myself, get up, and keep on training, keep on praying, and keep on trying..... .

Yea. I gotta get going..... . So much to do ~~~~.

I have a soothingly long way to go with my music training too. I have to put new strings on my electric violin, and even rehair the imported and customized bow that I got just before "that" summer took place (*shivers as recalls at 2012*).

Yea.... .

(*Feels my fingernails glowing with hope*).

But for now and tonight......I am going to rest and just ***ENJOY*** this all *^_^*!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy sleeping in my own bed, in peace, in a house with no "baggage', no "thugs", no haters no payrents, no bullies, no parasites......(*gawks in awe*) (*swoons in thanksgiving and gratitude*)...... .

Thank you......so much..........you, the beings, who make my lifestyle possible. I set a bunch of medium-term goals for myself last year, and (*gawks*) (!!!!!!!!!!!) they have ***somehow*** been achieved (*blinks*). (*Gulps*). Yea. Never listen to anyone that says prayer does not work....., and dreams do not come true (*gasps as I feel a caress*). With love in your heart, reasons to keep struggling onward (*thinks of my beloved Eve Neuschwanstein and Kotori Mizuki*)........, and a dream worth sacrificing for..., ***ANY*** miracle is possible.

Tags: house of art, house of my dreams, house of prayer, sanctuary, training
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