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"Mandela" Overload / The Fruit Of Probability Manipulation

""Spicer said that Trump had not been taken seriously when he started to run for president and had constantly been told that he would lose.

"He's gone out there and defied the odds over and over and over again. And he keeps getting told what he can't do by this narrative that's out there," Spicer said, in remarkably candid comments for a presidential spokesman.

"And he exceeds it every single time. And I think there's an overall frustration when you turn on the television over and over again and get told that there's this narrative that you didn't win.""


Hmmm.... .

I am not a 'fanboy' nor 'fanXXchromosometype'...., but alas...I am glad I used my abilities to note dude elected (*grins*)..... . I can not put my example before mankind......, mankind can not handle the truth. Mankind in it's 'intrinsic' vanity and solipsism....can not handle the ego blow and ego backlash...at the fact that awesome hyperdimensional Goddesses (whom I worship and strive to serve).....beyond any and all comparison....exist. Goddesses who are (rightfully) terrified at all men.

Yea. I am not meant to stand before mankind....and share the truth, but hey.....I ***DO*** get to note a "substitute" now...... . A "red pill" president....... . (Yea. I did not waste time with a voter booth, I used probability and reality manipulation).

I want (and have) a wall (The Omniversal Routing Gem's (the vessel that held and holds "The Big Bang") impenetrable barrier shields).......to prevent exodimensional / alien / sexual predator invasions. Indeed, so I note dude setting up a wall.... .


Yea. I love this chance to study..... . So enriching.... . So yummy........ . All this data to process... . Yea. Me??? I am just going to chill in the corner (until the Omnidimensional Routing Gem is deactivated or some other drastic event takes place)......, and note all the hatred of crybullies and 'snowflakes' directed at dude..... . That, while taking careful notes the whole time.
Tags: research, studying at mankind, this world is a research laboratory
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