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What Is Gender??? / The Ultimate Secret Of Reality Manipulation / Anime Conversion

Um..., okay, my brain organs ache after watching...."that"....... .

Hmmmm. (*Gulps*). Know what? I did not even tell 'Finkleris'....the truth about gender. (I did not even reveal a tidbit of my secrets). I have not even told it on this site.

I have alluded to it, I have given hints, but I have not said it directly..... . Why??? Because it is the secret to ***ALL*** my abilities. Gender is the key to infiniversal scale abilities. It is beyond molecules, beyond atoms, beyond quantum physics......, b...(*holds, lest I "spill the beans"*)...... .

Me? I am not "trans".

And I have no intention to be a 'snowflake'. I never did. This website and my online presence are about an attempt for ethics (on my part), easing my conscience, and education for myself and others. (I offer the truth shown to me, and any and all resources (such as food and housing) I have to anybody truly in need of me).

I do not know if words can express how crestfallen I was to note such a catastrophic mess as I studied mankind...in what is supposed to be 2016 / 2017.... . Where is the fun (back home on the hyperdimensional plane of course, but alas)...??? Where are the interstellar voyages? Where are the adventurers?? Where are the heroes??? Where are the winners??? Where are the dreamers??? Where are the amazing ideas??? Why am I happy..., but having to hide that fact each and every day IRL....???

*Remembers the lyric "why ask why when you know?" *.

From the stuffy and unbearable conservative Christians of the 90's...., to the leftist Atheists and LGBT of the 10's, mankind just doesn't do fun, peace, friendship, love, adventures, vibrance, vigor...... . Only quarrels, strife, drama, ostracizing, class divisions, social divisions, socioeconomic divisions, etc..... . (Which again brings me to my point that depression and volatility, traits that undeniably define men, are just men exposing that from which the dudes came ('void' 'matter')).


The call about my gender.....is up to the hyperdimensional beings who observe me. In regard at supposed "offensiveness" and "pronoun demands".....I have this to say. Demands are what art offensive..... . I do not make demands. As such, I do not respond to demands. Demands are immature, uncivilized, and icky (*shivers*)..... . Demands do not shape reality..... . Demands just expose the 'nature' of the ones making the demands..... .

Looks like the writing is on the wall.... .

Subanime, by 'default', bespeaks of predictable and crippling limitations.... . Limitations at development. Limitations at mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and social development.

I have some new abilities awakening within me (that explain my noting otakukin in the past, as it was the initial manifestation of the ability)... . I may just have to note mankind "animefied"... . Yep. Note the bitter Christians and Atheists gone all anime and stuff. It will take a lot of energy..., but it will allow me to expand my studies..... . My main concern is making sure I do not "fall in love" with anime level XX chromosome types.....and wrongfully expect of em....the awesome and inspirational traits that define hyperdimensional and beyond anime females...... . I'll do some tests locally soon........ . (*Cackles, wondering if I can note bearded mountain dudes changed into anime teens*)...... . (*Cringes....as considers the ***VERY*** ***REAL*** possibility of noting old dudes changed into anime XX chromosome types.........*). Just like I had to study at 'Finkleris'....to prove my research, maybe I need to study at an anime chick.......(*ponders*).
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