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Formal Declaration Of Disavowment

Warning. This post contains realtalk. I would not advise any Homo Sapiens to read at this post.


Before I move on to the cheerful and sunny days of a pastoral lifestyle in this V acre mountain sanctuary (which I am utterly thankful for)....., I need to make a formal statement of disavowment.

Me??? I am not attracted to men. Never have been...... . I witnessed WWE and WCW wrestling for decades, and had ***NO*** clue that XX chromosome types and homosexual men would or could call such stuff "eye candy". I had ***NO*** clue...!!! Never even crossed my mind a moment O_O. Seeing at XX and homosexual XY chromosome types 'naked' 'minds'......was like noting aliens....for me (*blinks*). Yea, but you know what? I, IRl, can hang and chill......noting alpha male dudes...(while my identity is hidden by spatial transfiguration / reality manipulation) because of my lifestyle. I lift weights, I study the stars with telescopes, I mine for gemstones, I stand up for what I believe in with my fists and fangs bared IRL....., I have an honor code, I do not back down at threats, and I try to get ***done*** what needs to be done....... . Yea. I do not act like a chick...., an XX chromosome type.

Where I am from, hyperdimensional women, whilst having feminine looks and mannerisms, have all the ideal traits.....and lifestyle behaviors which....XY chromosome types were "supposed" to have......according to mankind. (Traits which I aspire to have myself). Indeed. They are champions. They are dignified. They are reliable. They are ***SMART***. They have ***HONOR***........ . They define what an adventurer, a defender, a provider, a builder, a dreamer, a knight, a champion, a protector.....truly is..... . They are distinguished and gallant on account of the choices they make. They are ***NOBLE***, and ***COOL***.

(*Thinks very long and hard about something*).

From here on, unless shown evidence otherwise, I am not claiming any link or affiliation with ***any*** XX chromosome type. While I will strive to be humane, I can not and will not acknowledge XX chromosome types as sentient, human, capable of reason, capable of free will. I will regard at em as I regard at beasts...... . No hatred, only objectivity, because deception and lies do not help ***ANYBODY*** in this matter. XX chromosome types have no honor. XX chromosome types are only bullies (to beta males and other XX chromosome types).....and 'doormats' '/' 'toilets' '/' 'punching' 'bags' (for alpha males) by way of 'their' 'own' 'beastial' 'inclinations'. XX chromosome types do not even have the genital anatomy of hyperdimensional females.

It has been decided then.

I will consider any notion of my offering help to ***ANY*** XX chromosome type......a matter closed....... . Yea. My benefactors (hyperdimensional females) have no link nor responsibility regarding XX chromosome ones and their embarrassing and horrifying 'behaviors'......., and I ***hope*** the same status could somehow apply to me (*gulps in squeamish manner*).

K. Here are some vids and links.



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