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Mining Fun To The House / Unearthing Sillimanite And Kyanite

I love mining :D. I wanna do this stuff forever... .

It is an ultimate form of adventure *^_^*.

It is better than "a lottery".... .

Any day....you can find treasures you never expected to find.

I just found that this V acre mountain spot has surprises I did no expect O_O. Yea. Kyanite and Sillimanite are gemstones which have very high elemental energy levels..... . Here, in this locale, I have been finding both the rocky and gemmy forms of each O_O..... .

Sillimanite is awesome. Having it on my bed is like having a portable "heavenly energy field / bubble generator".....beside me :). It heavily correlates to "sunlight" in my experience, maybe even the element of fire......... . While Kyanite feels "airy" and "sparkly" to me, Sillimanite is very direct, warm, and bright...in a very soothing way. Here is a website with reference pics..... http://www.mineralminers.com/html/silmins.stm .

I *REALLY* want to mine some more.......... . (*Grins as feels my heart racing with anticipation and exhilaration*).

Hmmmm. Even if I were to deactivate the Omniversal Routing Gem, I think I could still enjoy living in this house and in this setting for a couple years afterwards...... . (*Feels deja vu for a moment*). I think I was supposed to reach this place all along.......... .

Yea. I am happy here *^_^*.
Tags: adventures, gem mining, gemstone, gemstone training, house of my dreams, mining
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