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Cinematic Living / Time For A New Pendant / Resuming Nootropics And Herbals

Some...things...are just meant to happen (*blinks*).

Last week...as I was working with the dreads in the bathroom mirror, I suddenly heard a clang (*blinks*).... . Looking down, I saw my quartz pendant point on the floor. I picked it up, and examined the clasp of the metal pendant frame... . It almost seemed melted O_O.... . I asked myself if I should retire the pendant, and get a new pendant to commemorate the achieving of my mountain sanctuary house goals. But then I recalled all the memories I went through, the events I went through with the pendant worn. I also recalled (*gulps*) how I got it??? Um... . I recalled the jewelry shop owner.....that gave it to me.....for free........., yes, the jewelry shop owner who wanted to be in a relationship with me......(*inhales and sighs*)...... . So I mended the pendant back together....using heavy pressure on the metal clasp... .

Well....today, and after days of going here and there and doing house maintenance activities...., a repeat scenario took place *O_O*, but *this* time in the shower....... . I *cringed* as I heard a clang on the pink bathtub surface below..... . Looking down, I was taken a back....as I saw my pendant quartz point in pieces and lying on the tub surface. It split neatly..... .

I felt closure..... . I mean, I tossed and turned all night...., and the pendant did not fall in my bed when I did it. The pendant only fell II times in the last V months, but both times were in the same room...... . I figured that that sadness soaked..Quartz point worn since 2014 needed a good long rest.... .

I decided on my next pendant very quickly.

*Suddenly feels intense nausea waves*.

It should arrive next Monday,..... . Yea, I am noting 'money' now since moving into this house, so I went for a pendant with silver, and a rare kind of gemstone which *truly* works for me... . (The same kind I used to fry at the electronics of II Mormon 'churches').

I found just how much I need it too..as I played electric guitar this morning. After removing my Silver Moon Moldavite pendant for cleaning....., and with no "ki control assistance" gemstones on my body, I decided to practice electric guitar... . Well, what happened next was sounds like popcorn popping.... . Quartz helps me control my aura emissions, and direct said emissions in an orderly manner when I do decide to direct them.

This week is gonna be a long week...., but I sense good things ahead after it. Yea. I am going to note a "heart doctor" appointment (*groans*) later this week....., and then I will note some hospital time (*sighs*)...... . I am not going to allow surgery..., but I gotta watch my back and hold going Code Blue again to make sure of that. I'll film a music video there....though, and post it here lol :P.

Oh. Next week I, after a III month hiatus, will resume my Nootropic and body support...herbal medicine regimens. I am ***ASTOUNDED*** by how well the medicines work. My short-term memory and perceptory faculties have gotten so foggy since IV months ago. I have even noted comments from J about how ditzy I have been (*goes red*). Yea. I plan to hold taking prescription / fake medicines......next week, and get back to taking Bacopa Monnieri, Gotu Kola, Ginkgo Biloba, and my other ***REAL*** medicines. Since my overall data processing capacities have skyrocketed since Autumn on account of surge events, by ***MARCH*** I should be performing on a whole new plane.......(hopefully) (*gulps*).

K. I'mma go chill :D.

I thank the beings who have supported me on my quest. These are exciting times *^_^*!
Tags: gemstone training, goals, jewelry
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