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My Energy Signature / Catastrophic Fighting And Warfare

I made it snow IRL last Monday after an impromptu midnight experiment. Harnessing my previously very diffuse aura into my local area, the winds whipped, and a dusting of snow blasted upon the area..... .

It is official for me now. I tasted (!!!) my own energy, energy of some kind of existential plane which has no link to mankind, Gods, or demons, yes..., and I caused environmental effects with said energy O_O. I can prove my abilities any place, any time....IRL now. Yea, and while I shall never call myself a divine, perfect, or holy being......, I have never sensed a lifeform like me amidst mankind, anime, or any such......O_O........ . I really am a universe unto myself O_O........ . Yea, a thinking and aware....universe conducting a study at 'caged' ('exodimensional') 'biological' 'specimens' at the periphery of space and time.


I need to give a heads up now though...... .

While I was expecting to use this time to rest and develop my abilities, it seems like I am about to note bad fighting.....and warfare at the planet IRL..... . I can taste at anger and hostility at the air...... . I can detect at the rage and fury of mankind....... . Madness and fury resound within the dudes of America.

Me? I am trying to maintan balance, and resist the madness. I love peace, and aspire for pacifism.

All the same, I need to be prepared. I detect at Finkelris and Mr. Poulakos' stirring (lol). I detect at other....scary, treacherous, and dangerous forces stirring too........ . Me??? I am going to keep training. And if I ***do*** note any threats at my person, I will not hesitate to unleash decisive blasts of hyperdimensional energy..... .
Tags: caution, red alert
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