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Unsealing / Removing The Seals / Ultimate Sanctuary

You know what? I have ***enjoyed*** my time of noting a Negro dude grafted at my perception of myself and reality. I ***LOVED*** it. I loved the lessons. I love the lessons learned through struggling..... . I loved the struggles..... .

*Exhales in ecstasy*.

It is time to move on through, and release the seals which were placed upon my being, my abilities, my faculties~~~~. *Grabs the electric guitar*.

Life in this house is incredible!!!!! Here, it is like I exist as a nebulous and yet focused cloud of consciousness...that can exist beyond a body of arms and legs. A cloud that fills and energizes the everything within it's walls. This house has a golden and white.....spectra of hyperdimensional energy about it. It feels like an ***ULTIMATE*** sanctuary O_O......... .

I again give thanks to the beings who have made my current lifestyle possible. The chance to live like this is truly a blessing... . (*Gulps*).:

Oh. I have been having "glitch" visuals of my blonde form (wearing white denim like urban clothing) (*blush*) all morning......... . Looks like some threshold is being reached O_O.... .
Tags: aura manifestations, house of my dreams, unleashing my true energy amd abilities
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