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Awesome Energy!!!!! / Oh Yea =^_^=! / The Sound Of A Roaring Universe

Wow, what is happening to me????? *O_O*....... .

*Suddenly predicts at 86.6% odds of J and Heather doing a "dinner invite" (*cackles*) and / or pulling up at the house carport within the next three hours......*.

I feel so ***alive***~~~~!!!! Yea *^_^*!! I feel unity with both the technological *^_^* environment, and the botanical / geological / atmospheric / cosmic environment around it!!!!

I feel possibilities, probabilities, wishes, dreams, ***options***...., ***swirling*** around me, and maybe even fluttering like wings *O_O* around my upper back.

Yea, I feel unity with the ***real*** items within this realm.

It's like I'm ***blazing*** through....with all the hyperdimensional artifacts made available to me! Yes, and setting up energy conduits.......such as that formed during the recorded race video last night.

K. I need to go ahead and report the event that resulted in little tornadoes O_O forming on my property....IRL! Yea, and then I will go play electric guitar. Yea, I am ***PRAYING*** I do not need that mean / antisocial / unfair....dude, grumpy old Mr. Cranky Pants......, to complete my Omniversal Routing Gem trial...... . Whatever the case is, I'm going to give this surge ***period*** EVERYTHING I have to give!

All night....some force, some entity, was baiting me to fight. A force goaded at me, goaded crushing Mr. Cranky Pants with my newly awakened hypercosmic energy blasting capacities. I refused..... . I refused at the hate, the brainwashing..,... .

Soon...after closing my eyes, I recoiled in shock upon witnessing Kakashi's (*squeamishly gulps*) face.., . I was standing within a brightly colored forested area, and noted dude staring at me (*cringes*). I gathered myself, knowing full well I was witnessing 'Naruto'. Yea, I was crestfallen. 'Naruto' does not even come close to having the feminine and dependable women I love, cherish, rely upon, and need. I was hungry (*blushes*), so hungry, and needed to be around cute females with hearts full of yummy and nourishing love, dreams, hope, prayers..., care for others, and faith. I had no time for musty, loveless, and strange guys........... . (*Perceives glowing eyes in my field of vision*).

Kakashi starting going on about gates (????). Amidst that, I noted some dude arrive......carrying Might Guy on his back or something.. .


*The phone rang IRL*.

*Noted Heather O_O call with the dinner invite which I predicted at earlier in the post*.

*Facepalms*........ .

Uh, I am going to (*inhales and sighs*) complete this report tonight........ .
Tags: aura manifestations, dimension diving, surge event
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