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My Brain Waves / I Wanna EEG And EKG Laboratory / Jag Studies Jag


Yea, it's a silly video I know (*blushes*), but it is the closest I have come yet to being in a lab with my own EEG and EKG machinery. That is why I felt led (to the point of tears) to include MMII based music with it. This is the closest (*cringe*) I will come to having a futuristic and fully equipped psychic phenomena research lab....with this world in it's current state. (Yea. Mankind will not ever advance. Mankind is a burden. I'll have to note em gone to move on).

Yea... . I love to study. Analyze. Gather data :D. I give thanks that I had this chance to study myself.

I need a world where I get to study myself all day, everyday, with no pervo Homo Sapiens around. Yea. Fake doctors were trippin, talking bout never having seen brain wave patterns like mine.

*Sigh*. If I were noting an anime world right now, I would witness eccentric millionaire scientist 'hottie' chicks offering to study my brain. It is what it is though. I only witnessed a bony and gangly and uncharismatic doc chick aka roleplayer (*cackles*) that could not make heads or tails of my brain waves.

Yea. I see why I love my Dawn, my Momo. She is a genius. A genius in so many fields. Yea. A genius researcher (*swoons*). Brilliant.
Tags: analyzing myself, eeg, ekg, i need smart women, music video, studying jag, the world needs smart women
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