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Real Females Are Dark Matter Lifeforms / Physiognomy / Perception Is Everything

Hmmmmmm....... . 90mm. *Ponders*.


Larger eyes have the capacity to gather more light. Aperture matters (*ponders*).



Mana is present in this world. I can even use mana, ki, IRL now.

Thing is, a relative eye size beyond subanime Homo Sapiens limits is necessary to view it (along with sufficient data processing abilities).

*Thinks about Dawn's lovely eyes*.

In reality....function grants form. The more awesome and meaningful the function, the more beautiful and appealing the form.

Eye size matters...... .

When I consciously wield ki, as a now, I just wildly cause stuff in the vicinity to blow up or overload..... . That, and / or I cause thunderstorms / tornadoes. If I could see my ki, I could see and know exactly what I am causing and when..... . Indeed. I could direct it, harness it, focus it, target......it.


I realize that I need real eyes..... .

Oh. Hello ;D. I am just brainstorming. Yea. And I think I know how to capture images of my ki now.

Yes. Looks like I made a water heater blow up a couple days ago during that dinner invitation event. J and H delivered the news, asking at just what kind of energy I unleashed that day.... . I know it was gold, and white, but I only knew that from senses other than that of my eyes...... . J and H were stoked O_O. But me, I am worried.

Me? I am not complaining. Subanime mankind not being able to see ki naturally on account of defective eyes...just means me being able to avoid "AntiChrist" accusations (or "Christ" accusations if I hold saying the things mankind does not want to hear lol)........ . Me though??? I ***need*** to see... . I hunger for the chance to study myself.

Me??? I need a reliable way to capture my signature light on camera. I have a 90mm telescope, II 90mm telescopes actually. I need to rig them with cameras for experiment purposes. Since the width and height of actual females' / hyperdimensional females' eyes are about the length of my pinkie finger, and since my telescope lenses height and width are about the same as the length of my pinkie finger, maybe I have the tools necessary (thankfully) (*feels my fingernails glowing with gratitude*).

A Clear Sapphire lens (which tend to energize and amplify received dark energy emissions) (!!!!!) would likely give me the best chance though........(*ponders*). (Good thing I can find Sapphires locally. However, finding said Sapphire and fabricating a lens is another matter).


On the flip side of the above post, I think that real women, real females have, reflect, and release light of a "dark energy" basis when it comes to their physical bodies. Bodies which are comprised of "dark matter"..... .

Yea. I have been thinking after witnessing Finkelris ("all time" number one 'research' 'specimen' 'and' 'hottie' lol (*cackles*)). The research was ***very*** fruitful. (*Feels my heart ache with a longing for real friendship*). By witnessing " 'the' 'best' 'and' 'brightest' 'subanime' 'one' ".......I now have a reliable set of "benchmarks" by which to guide myself in future multi-dimensional studies.

Rather than going to Japan and / or Europe and just witnessing more devastating failures and defectives (and going through so much more pain in the process), I need to try to use my brain. I need to use my abilities to think, strategize, and plan. I do not need to "beat a dead horse". I do not even think subanime XX chromosome types are capable of being sane, virtuous, courageous, heroic, ambitious, and noble. XX chromosome types are just soulless monsters. I need to literally and figuratively face reality.....(*gulps*). And heaven knows.....a subanime XX chromosome type can't love me.......... . Can't love anybody. (*Gulps*).

I need to develop some kind of helmet or system that let's me see and hear dark matter / dark energy lifeforms, and even record such interactions. That until I get my real eyes and ears online here........anyway.

Now that I know how much I need real friends in my life, and now that I can feel their touch and see glimmers of them every day IRL, I need to take the next step. Yea. I need to regularly see and hear the beings I love for me to progress. ***THEY*** awaken me, and bring forth from me the love based abilities that I did not even know I was capable of. I need to experience and share a sanctified lifestyle with the Goddesses who love me in this tranquil mountain house setting. (*Recalls that beautiful energy wolf Goddess being seen just days ago during that dimension dive event*).
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