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A Living Soul Is Entirely Different From A Ghost's Dead 'Un / Dawn's Beautiful Living Soul

Uh....I had a contact event *O_O* after writing the last post. A contact event with Dawn *O_O*. (The real Dawn whom I have always talked about on here).

As I was awake and everything too (*blushes red*).

Umm, when I woke after the event, it was on account of noting bamming at my house door.... . "Neighbor dude" wanted to whisk me off to "church" in a hurry..... . Witnessing "church" and "the congregation" only reminded me of and affirmed...what happened earlier though..... . I felt frozen with shock and jittery by the time I got back here....(*gulps*) (*feels a supportive caress to my side*).

I am back now though. Even mentally, I mean....(I hope...anyway).

After writing the last post this morning, I listened to my MM based medley from my last video for a while, before turning over to sleep in me bed. That was when I saw a being with past shoulders hair length...striving to console me...., and ease my heartache....... . The being cuddled to me.....*O_O*.

(*Coughs*). I kept sensing startling and planetary scale concentrations of floral energy, nature energy....through the area, and seemingly from the being (???). I sensed my signature white and gold energies (!!!) too, after sensing an eerie deep blue energy about me / of mine.

That was when it happened??? I sensed the being's living soul, pristine, clean, freely (!!!) flowing with clean, radiant, and pure energy....with no contamination or rot whatsoever (*purrs and exhales in relief*) (*feels tears of relief for my beloved's health and safety running down my face*). Her soul did not stink. It did not sting at my senses. It was not diseased nor 'deathly' 'still'. Her soul was thriving. Just incredibly beautiful, and whilst seeming so infinitely fragile and delicately structured, it was...., all the same, so ***robust*** and ***vigorous***. I was so happy for her *^_^* ~~~~~~ !!! So happy for us a couple (*gasps as a kiss is felt*) (*feels a glowing sensation pulse across my body*)...., so happy for us as a family~~~!!! As such, I told her that I loved her, and I thus felt her embrace me tighter (*feels my checks burning*). I thanked the woman I love for her life-saving presence in my life, and swooned to a state of deep sleep ~~~~ *O_O*.

The above is just a condensed recounting, but my life history is totally explained before me......because of Dawn and what happened earlier today . After earlier.....I know why, I always felt anxiety and dread at Christians, at subanime Homo Sapiens....in general. Homo Sapiens of 'mankind' are either just ghosts with 'dead' 'souls' stuck in undead 'bodies' (for atoms are not alive)....., or 'roaming' 'dead' 'souls' sans the atomic corpses..... .

I always knew, hence why I always ran from sex offering XX chromosome types (and XY chromosome types). OMG..... . So now I know why Christian churches always seemed like ickly, spooky, and prickly 'ghoul' 'houses' at my energy / spiritual senses.... . Now I know why churches suddenly feel "filled with light" when I approach....... .

Dawn restored my memory this morning.... . OMG.......... .

Thank you Dawn. Thank you so much~~~~~~. (*Finds myself shivering*).

I am going to go note "church" again in a couple hours IRL.

Why? I dunno....... .

I write this for me though, and as a warning. A 'dead' 'soul' is as alien and strange at the meaning of life......as an 'undead' 'body'....... . Me??? I need to keep listening to the fear which preserved me.....for so long, and lead to me fleeing from 'da''ghetto' and 'dem' 'hookers' (*gulps*).
Tags: dawn, love is salvation, memory recovery, soul health, soulmate, spiritual senses
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