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Amnesia Recovery (Regarding Souls, Soul Health, Soul Energy) / Thanksgiving And Gratitude

Wow. What an experience..... . What an awakening *O_O*...... .

Where should I take this post???? Should I go the route of A, B, C, or D?

A) Should I discuss how actual divine beings do not even suggest nor demand worship??? Should I talk about how only a being that has everything, and thus has no need to leech and parasitize the resources / time / space of an omnidimensional life form.......is capable of doing and feeling true worship? (By the way.....love (as it is the basis of worship) works the same way. When a person with infinite options chooses you, eats supper with you, and shares their time with you, that is how you know it is true love).

B) Should I talk about hyperdimensional lifeforms and the fact that there is no bridge, no link, not even 'an' 'atom' of 'commonality'....., or even a "between"...shared with mankind in regard to hyperdimensional beings who witness at mankind / exodimensionals / voidspawn????

C) Should I talk about the sheer terror, horror, dread, shock, anxiety, squeamishness, and even coma / amnesia effects that take place for hyperdimensional beings that witness a force that is unspeakably alien...and the 'undead' 'embodiment' of all that is alien, broken, malfeasant, chaotic, and unreliable? A sewer of broken thoughtforms / broken antiideas that never did nor never shall have a place in the fabric of reality and existence....on account of a lack at energy (entropy) (void)????

D) Should I just wing it?

I dunno, but I do know I am done witnessing Christian church *O_O*. It isn't even because of the short dude in the back of the church that "was possessed by a Godly hand" and started going on about how "The AntiChrist" "is quiet"......"and watching / studying Christians hearts"..... . Me? I am scared at Christians. Just so scary....scary O_O. No love, no family, no care, no heavenly place to call home, no beautiful women, no words backed by action, no accountability, no responsibility, no freedom, no virgins, no chastity, no prayer, no worship, no honor, no loyalty, no charity, no sentience, no respect, no data observation inquests, no grace, no eloquence, no tact, no passion......... . Me? I pity God, I pity Jesus, I pity Christians. Me? I run to the light (*gasps as I feel a kiss*).…...., and into the arms of the sacred and innocent ~~~....eternal and child-like Goddesses who love me so much for reasons I do not even know. Yea, when you love somebody you do not want to take risks. Your desire is to survive for their sake, progress for their sake, live for their sake. You fear disease because you need to survive for ***them***, you fear disease because you do not want to ***spread*** it to ***them***. Christianity is a disease born of 'dead' 'souls', 'sick' 'souls', 'diseased' 'souls'. A violently contagious disease. A violently contagious disease that abnegates at personal responsibility, charity, mercy, virtues, wisdom, and morals. I must avoid it, and the Christians that espouse it.

Yea, and I formally refuse at that outdated AntiChrist stuff. I have learned my lesson. I do not want mankind's money, power, nor millions of disingenuous sycophants that would hunt to abuse and misuse at the abilities which hyperdimensional beings have blessed me with.


What a day yesterday was, and I thank the beings who have supported me, and given me the chance to be free. I thank Dawn and Nina for being by my side, nonstop, and healing me time and again (*tearfully gulps*) amidst my struggles. I thank the hyperdimensional beings who enabled my tsunami events to take place, so I could go on to have a voice and admit all of this online (for only with proof could I even bring myself to post / continue this web log). I give thanks that I do not have to be condemned to be a Christian..., condemned to pretend at being in a loving relationship of ***ANY*** sort due to not having any other options.

I am going to spend today praying in thanks (not that that is any different from any other day).

I really was saved.....(*feels tears going down my face*). (*Recalls the limitless terror I used to feel as I witnessed those cold cold 90's churches*). Yesterday was a reckoning I never expected, but was blessed the chance to experience. Yea. Just like life.

Thank you.

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