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True Love Does Not Need Gimmicks

What's this???


"Valentine's Day" is for 'suckers', liars, deluded and entitlement crippled narcissists, hopelessly doomed beta males, and fools. According to my observations and data anyway.

Tis akin to stating one day out the year to breathe.

Tis nonsense. Love is not a game.

Fact is, loving is as vital to living as breathing. No love = death. Love is not a joke, not a gimmick, not a sales pitch.

Love is sacred.

Love is proven by the unmistakable cosmic abilities that come with it.

I survive on love. I feed on love. I need love........ . The natural world needs love.

Mankind does not need nor have love.

Disingenuous.....'money' 'bought' 'gifts' and stipulation backed / conditional...fake kisses / fake hugs can't hide the horrifying stench of loveless and dead 'souls'.

I'm glad my eyes have been opened by training, observation at exodimensionals / mankind, and the assistance of hyperdimensional Goddesses.

*Prays in thanksgiving*.

Yea, I reckon I'm gonna go mine gem quality Sillimanite now...... . That so I can prove what love is by upcoming IRL aura manifestation abilities........ . I gotta remember that I witness 'a' 'sewer' 'of' 'failed' 'exodimensional' 'thoughtforms'. Whatever does not work, mankind must 'exalt' and 'chronically' 'repeat' (parenthood, Christianity, Atheism, mating, fornication). Whatever ***DOES*** work, and can be proven....time and time again...must be scolded and ostracized at by mankind. Only a hyperdimensional being has the ability and free will to choose, choose and escape the curse.

BTW I just noted a heck of a brawl amidst dimension diving. Two dudes / entities... . Mean and cold entities. I tried to run, seeking the path of peace, but my back was against the wall. I hope and pray no innocents were harmed after I did what I did O_O. (Twas like I was wielding a massive Sillimanite column or something).
Tags: life lessons, research results, studying at mankind
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