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Sillimanite Video Soundtrack Help / As Long As I Am Loved I Will Never Die

Lol. I cobbled together a Sillimanite video last night :D.

I need help though yall *^_~*.

What song should I play and pair with it? Tifa's theme? MMV Stone stage theme? MMIII Magnet stage theme???


Would it be cheating to play the MMIII Magnet stage theme? I have actually been practicing it kinda regularly....... .

Ooooo!!! I wanna play The Gnomes theme soon maybe :D.


Before I sleep, I need to report something real quick. Yesterday evening...I slept with the above little translucent gemstone and another Sillimanite specimen in me hands.

Moments after drifting into sleep, I witnessed strange texts / data pages.....from an (???) agitated and restless seeming Mr Poulakos.... .

Well, amidst dimension diving (and noting a young lady trying to ride on my back "piggyback" style lol), some kind of event took place whereby Kyanite and Sillimanite (!!!), massive quantities of both, materialized around me...and under my feet. As I reached to the gemstones, I heard at a hateful and angry yell, and witnessed some bulky and furious man....charging down at me. I ran this time, ran, evaded, and dodged the attacker.

I wonder why I keep witnessing attacks??? Is it because info leaked on this journal? Like the hospital video??? Do some enemies erroneously think I am dying and / or weakened???? (*Thinks about the hospital video*).

I do not want to "friends lock" this journal, nor my videos..... . The reason being....the (currently) very slim seeming chance that the dual trialer scenario is real... . I do not intend provocation with the things I write. I just ***MUST*** write the truth in an objective manner, and that so any possible dual trialing hyperdimensional being can find me. Find me, and show me, show the world, their awesome abilities and deeds. This journal is my attempt to seek the best and the brightest...., support the best and the brightest. Indeed. This journal is my attempt to seek and find beautiful and radiant being beyond comparison, an amnesia gripped Goddess being. As such, here, I type the words, the provable truths, mankind just can not type period. (Like how only a XX or XY chromosome type man would need breast / butt implants, and how physiognomy is real).

Yea. Why do I still note a couple of Youtube viewers and LJ readers? Why would ***any*** Muggles / Normos be reading this journal (rather than going out there and "making babies" and "doing drugs / alcohol" and "roleplaying")????

Just because I witnessed the hospital does not mean I am dying or weakened......... .

I hope my posting that video was not a mistake.
Tags: gemstone training, gemstones, mining, music, music video, sillimanite
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