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Yesterday Had The Largest Mandela Effect Shift Yet / New Cosmic Wolf Goddess Leads / 'The Adversary'

Yea, yesterday had the largest Mandela Effect shift yet. Me? I am not focusing on earthquakes and tsunamis these days. While my 2011 backup event is gradually filling the planet with more and more energy (Fukushima), energy I can and do feed upon, only the time and space wave events which restructure matter across the entire cosmos....can give me the safe and sanitary living conditions I require. I was ***CLOSE*** yesterday. I noted a kid form tailored my desired and needed specifications *^_^*, a form with full size eyes which could perceive many forms of light and energy. A form that was not an XY chromosome type Negro male. My slip ups....were seemingly in regard to the environment..., and perhaps not blasting at that dragon.... . The environment kept fluctating, and I did not find any self defense stations in place....... . Yea, and just like during my initial moments perceiving this zone (within memory) back in 1986.., I witnessed Zaki, and I witnessed 'the' 'black' 'dragon' ('FenrisStar') ('Frankie') (aka Doc). (Oh wow, sirens heard at IRL. Even in these remote mountains. Guess I nailed it). I froze up at that hissing 'lil dragon pup............. .

Yea, but guess what? Yesterday was a light exercise for my stamina, my energy. Last year, I had to strain a whole whole lot to generate an event like what happened yesterday.

Next time, I am going to need to disassemble the planet again, and then generate a ship with defense stations onboard. Defense stations filled with shield units, and holy water equipped spray blasters. During the next shift event, I am going to have to defend myself. And ward away at the enemies......???

'FenrisStar' is an enemy.......???



Yea, I did II more followup missions last night. I found at 'FenrisStar' both times..... . I noted hostility, coldness, bitterness, lovelessness, and emptiness as has been historically the case with 'other' 'grafts' like Robnet, Ssjhama, KKestral, Metaessence1 / Louis Poulakos, and KSayuri.

Yea. Same case of seemingly noting a warm and cozy family member sensed (even as subanime "artist type" specimen is witnessed)....., sensed amidst seeming dual way communications. That, until bizarre and creepy sex matters come up (from the grafting specimen), unnecessary and random ***rudeness*** gets slung at me, and those both followed by a predictable "disappearing act".

Metaessence1 baited a 3 way sexual encounter, with both him and his STD infected swinger / " open relationship" cohort.....plotting an IRL NC visit in 2005.


After rejecting at him, witnessed warfare waged at me, noted his threat ended, and awoke new abilities.

With either Metaessence1 or 'FenrisStar', I did not accept the sexual deviancy and perversion, so I witnessed reasonless hostility.

Next time I witness that 'dragon' during a "Mandela Event", I guess I must unleash the same kind of hypercosmic blast I released at 'Metaessence1'....., but only when I have a clear shot... . (I had to wait until I did not note 'Metaessence1' grafting at Aeris / Nina..........). Yea, I had a clear shot yesterday, but I did not take it because I did not want to risk harming at the real Dawn.....(*gulps*) whom I love dearly.

Yea. A reckoning must take place......... . Official and formal, with no lies or bs.

*Cracks my knuckles*.


I guess Momo / Dawn is not trialing, or (????) trialing (???) and already in space or something.......due to being waaaaaaaaaay ~~~~ over my current level in her awakening. (*Ponders*).

This was supported by (*laughs*) a contact event I had this morning amidst dimension diving..... . I witnessed a icky elderly Negro grafted at my perception of Chaga, but I recognized Chaga by her clothes, and by her warm spirit and loving heart. Chaga is Momo. Chaga is Dawn.

Chaga sat on my back (*cackles*) playfully, and (???) did something to my dreads..., seemingly giving the tips the yellow / orange highlights (*tummy flutters felt*) I have wanted for a very long time lol....... . I think I may have had a tail (the fur / pony hair of which was also braided) ~~~ during the event, that, or very long dreads.

(*Gulps*). I gotta go write in my private journal now........ . I give thanks to Momo / Dawn, Nina, and our family. I guess my next move is making it to the next surge event. And when I witness 'lil dragon, extend my palms, cry forth...., and

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