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What's Going On With Venus???

Moments ago I walked into my back yard to hang up laundry to dry..... .

I felt cosmic energy waves in the air, and sensed..., I dunno, akin to "fractal" wave patterns about the environment. Things felt ***EERIE***. I mean, in regard to the cosmic energy levels.

As soon as I hung up laundry, I prepared to head back in, wondering if I was making a "loopy" assumption... .That is when I saw (!?!) what looked like a disc, a white disc...., a planet in the evening sky.... . It looked like Venus used to look through my telescope....., but with my naked (right) eye being able to resolve the details (even with noting glaucoma damaged subanime eyes grafted at my visual capacities). I even saw "starry lines" akin to the stylized lines around and about magical stars depicted in children's storybooks.

I already know I'll witness mankind puke up some lame excuse, some kinda fake scientist shilled bs..... . So let's not even go there... .

The real question seems to be this.... .

Did my (*gulp*) latest "Mandela" megasurge events do something to the planetary alignment, or even the currently installed system of physics that determines the motion of the planets.....???


Well, I need to get back to training, training and preparing to note the dragon battle..... .

Yea. I need the next surge event to be soon. Yea. While the element of surprise is on my side. Tis very likely a case where I noted the dragon 'knew' at all my hopes and dreams, and desires for peace and love. All of my hopes, my dreams, and my very nature. I likely noted the dragon try to take advantage of my attempts for pacifism..... . It certainly seems I witnessed a surgical strike.....aimed at my urgent need for daily interactions with my beloved and awesome girlfriend Dawn... . Yea. Looks like ***I*** slipped up during that initial event in 2010....by not blasting at that dragon with everything I had to give...... . I let things go into overtime, witnessed that meanie steal at the identity of my girlfriend...and 'frame' unspeakably vile stuff at her history, her nature, her health, and her demeanor. I even noted a 'heart' 'attack' IRL........as I endured at the vicious assault at my pretty Dawn's reputation and history, my beloved Goddess' nature, innocence, chastity, and demeanor.

But I never believed the slander, not a moment. I never quit believing in Dawn.

So now it is time for my response, that while my heart functions can still carry on.

I'm going to make my time and space surge move soon, real soon. I'm going to gather my resources, I'm going to rally........ . And the next time I witness that dragon, I'm going to give everything I have to give.....in a blast that will shake the heavens, and the fabric of all space and time.

Tags: astronomy, battle, fights, mandela effect, the yggdrasil effect, warfare
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