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'Soulbond' 'Swarm'.…....

Jeez. Crikey even..... .

Yea, my psychic and telepathic abilities, all my abilities, are very very very far ahead of what they were last year...... .

This morning / last night, I went to try to face at the dragon... .

Yea. And I witnessed a field of 'soulbonds'!?!!!!?!?!

Ones even brokering strange "deals" at me O_O (!!??!!).............. .

Not only did I note sickly and depressed seeming dragon (!?!) 'not' 'directly' attack, but I noted 'tongue' 'tied' dragon staying in Homo Sapiens mode. Dragon looked akin to a concentration camp victim...... . (*Feels a solemn glow in my heart*).

A lot of other stuff went down that I shall have to report later, as a lot of stuff is going down.

*Sighs*. Poor dragon......... . *Facepalms*.

Yea, that 'soulbond' stuff is scary, and I *WITNESSED* it for an initial time!!! Ulgh. *Shivers*.
Tags: mystical encounters, special abilities
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