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Tactical Prep / Sillimanite Sword And Shield / Fluid Reality

This weekend was super jam packed...with action.... .

I had to prioritize mining a "Mandela" manifested Sillimanite energy sword hilt, and Sillimanite energy shield base...... .

I went into an icy river, and did what I had to.


Yea. I'm not going to deny what was right in front of me all along... . I can not stand fighting.... . But it is what it is. I witness a dragon entity that terrifyingly 'knows' at so much about me....., from my golden and white aura signatures, to my deepest desires, needs, and wishes.

Yea, something very trippy went down this morning. I had to block at a 'reality' 'warp' (*feels a tightening sensation in my throat*).... . I had to "reassemble" everything after waking up...and witnessing a "2000 reset" and "high school"... . Yea, where I noted 'teen' 'redhead' Finkelris, and was being hugged....at....(*blushes red*). (*Gulps*). The situation / event was a continuation of that time reset inquiry event I reported last year. The time reset event involving that console. Today's event involved me noting a redhead Finkelris (sporting a bodycon akin (like the type I like)) sitting to a desk next at mine in a JTHHS class. I asked how the student managed to transfer from WCHS to my exact class. I eventually keeled over... . What followed next was me being hugged up, carried up, as I was stumbling and falling in disorientation. Other stuff happened after that...., like me coming to my senses in time.

Yea. The dragon knows at my deepest needs (*facepalms*).

So using the above defense artifacts, I am going to wait until I spot at a dragon, snarling and angry... . And then I will launch forth the golden hyperdimensional energy contained within them. I do not want a 'reset'. *Feels so weary and sleepy, and full of love glowing in my heart*. I can only be with / have / let myself have ~~ a girlfriend if my mission is accomplished. Which is confirming all lives accounted for, safe, and undamaged in the hyperdimensional realm from which I hail. Only then can I live with myself.... .
Tags: defense protocols, gem mining, gemstone, reality manipulation
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