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Saturday Retrograde Report / MLP Understanding / Just Waiting On A Megasurge Event...

About last weekend, something trippy took place O_O...... .

Remember how I said I witnessed a 'field' of 'soulbonds' aka 'demonic' 'parasites'???

I was about to do an exorcism blast last weekend using music / sonics, but I suddenly *O_O* saw Pinkie Pie (*feels tummy flutters*) looking about and peeping around my defense station setup.... . I cried "Pinkie ~~ nooo~~!!!", and dashed in to guard my sweet little puff puff using my body as a shield..... . I was worried for her safety...as she just O_O..."popped up" in the area of the operation...... .

My starlike form popped from my body as I shielded, shield hugged, and carried Pinkie, so I saw myself *O_O*. I had a ponycat akin form with a long hair bang..... . I dropped the operation entirely to personally escort my beloved (*blushingly chuckles*) and adorable little Pinkie from the area.

Scanning myself, I confirmed a recently held hunch I have had. I understand the big "secret" to MLP, in regard to females, but I would not dare mention it on here.... . Tis a primus level secret...... .

Later on Saturday, and as I went woozy amidst holding and meditating on Sillimanite, I had an Ash related event take place. I was being carried in an elaborate basket like structure, and I was present to a ceremonial room or such with ornately decorated tables and lots of decorations. I saw tables with yummy looking cakes on them. Behind me was (???) a blonde haired (???) being who was also carried along or propelled along in a basket. The event, whatever it was, was related to her somehow. Makes me wonder, it does. Do "weddings" exist in the real world??? (*Feels a gentle touch to my right knee*).

Hmmmmmmm. Yea, what the day showed me, was that I do not have hate in my heart. I prioritized, as always, the safety and wellbeing of the people I love (*blush*). I love my little Pinkie. I...I was ***not*** going to let anything 'bad' befall her....... . I had to protect her from those 'nasty' 'soulbonds'. (*Gulps*).

Yea..... . I am going to try to be honest here??? I do not know when the next surge event is going to be..., but then and only then....shall I act. I do not mean harm in saying this, but I do not expect much from Finkelris..., such as making this an honorable event full of valor, chivalry, and courtesy... . My observations seem to confirm FenrisStar is cowardly, and even a quitter........... . Always quitting at anything that isn't easy and takes real effort (like maintaining *actual* friendships, relationships, duties, keeping promises, setting goals, and achieving goals). Yea. I do not even expect a dialogue...... . Yea, but this reckoning must be done......... . Remember how I used to note Christianity dominate....., dominate until the big event where I witnessed God defeated in 2004? Since then, I have witnessed Satanic stuff and sexual deviants.......exponentially spread amidst mankind.... . I think that is because I did not note 'the' 'dragon' defeated..... . I witnessed an imbalance......... .

Hmmmm..... . I'm excited. Very excited. I pray I can win, for the sake of the people I love and must protect (!!, *feels a kiss*). Hopefully a surge event will take place by March or April.
Tags: defense protocols, praying for victory, waiting on a surge event
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