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Hall Of Tears / Training For The Upcoming Reckoning

I had a trippy event the other night / day??? I was roaming some zone, some land, some hall, but all I could do, too, was psionically and empathically taste (???) the tears of a sobbing individual...... . An individual crying very hard, and very deeply. (*Facepalms*). Why the crying??? *Blinks*.

So this journal was read again??? *Sighs*.

Either way I can not fault my last post / last couple posts.

Yea. Imagine then the dread, the sickened shock, the terror..., I felt...back in 2004..... . Yea, whereby I did not know if I would survive another night's sleep as a Jehovah battle loomed at me. Me, backed into a corner in that college dorm room..........(*feels my eyes glowing red*).

Who could I talk to? Who could I turn to? What chance did I have???

Know how I made it? Love, and sacrifice. I put my life on the line, offering it up, seeking to help anybody in need......whom I could possibly reach.... .

This upcoming reckoning will reveal the truth.

Let's see who has true love. Real love. Let's see whose passion burns..., even manifesting by way of hyperdimensional blasts that manipulate all space, all matter, all time.

Let's do this *^_^*!!!!!

*Feels love, warmth, and happiness coursing through my heart*.

If, leading up to the blast........I sense true love for anybody period...., I will halt the blast....... .

*Gets back to training*.

Tags: battle, cosmic energy, defense protocols, love is salvation
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