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New IRL Ability / Faith Unlocks Miracles / Faith / Faith Isn't Meant To Be Taught

Well, after a prior and earlier display this month, it looks like I have a new ability online (!!!!!!) *^_^* (!!!).... . An ability that distinctly varies from my other abilities related to flareups of intense emotions.... . It is rudimentary, admittedly, but I had to train a veeeeery long time for it to reawaken..... .

Looks like I can harness environmental / natural energy now. I can gather it from the environment like a sponge..., and / or generate it on point. I can consciously generate an "aura pressure field". I can do it by meditation.

When I do it, the winds suddenly buffet / whip over this mountain house, and I feel pulses of crackling electricity across my body. Also when I do it, my ability to perceive hyperdimensional beings gets boosted. Yea. Tis also like the very fabric of space "ripples" locally whenever I charge up IRL *O_O*.

This gemstone laden sanctuary is shaping up to be everything I hoped it would be.

Each cup of spring water from the quartz and garnet laden spring stream pictured above ~~~ brings me closer to my goals.

I used to be really upset that no otherkin / fictionkin / etckin had the courage, the guts, to come see me in action ~~~ to a public setting IRL. But now I understand that I only witness such "subcultures" due to the Mandela Effect..... . The "normos" are artificial, didn't have a choice in the matter really. Nope. 'They' did not have to train, struggle, and strive (for the sake of others) to find / see / know the truth. Yea. That is why it is my belief that "normos" do not deserve to see magic, miracles, or anything of the sort. That is why I want this journal and my YouTube to remain "secluded".

I wonder how long it shall be until I can fly?

This lil dude and his pops / maw have already checked at me generating and directing lightning, and frying vehicle after vehicle...., and making healing medicines.... .

As such, I have the data I needed......, in regard to studying at normo reactions at magic / cosmic abilities.


Hmmmm...... . The day I achieve flight, or even more abilities, is the day I will lock down this journal, my YouTube, and maybe burn all my research writeups (over 17,000 pages) IRL. Yea. I want to hide the truth.

Why? The matter of, the secret, of faith. That, and the need to preemptively block at another potential Finkelris disaster. Abilities are not gained from "cherry-picking" / "stealing" at bits of info here and there from these posts (generated of my own personal struggles and sacrifice)..... . No. "New Age religion" can not "mix" with the data present in these posts.

I am not a Christian, no. But faith..is a true and sacred principle. (And one not even related to Christianity). And this is why.

Only those who would sacrifice in faith for the sake of others ~~~, struggle and hold steadfast / be chaste ~~~ in faith for the sake of others, deserve to be blessed with the awareness of miracles. I still do not know how Goddesses could love me like they do, but.....even witnessing the most powerful enemy in 2004, I held onto faith, hope, and the prayer for a perfect world where innocent children could be and could always have been ~~~~ safe from monsters, killers, abusers, molesters, and rapists....... . I had no idea how I could win, witnessing such a strong enemy.... . But here I am. (*Blushes as recalls the innocent and beautiful hyperdimensional Goddesses who love me*).

Yes. And it is this fact that must be hidden from mankind.......... .

*Prays in thanks to the beings who have made my chronicle possible*.
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