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Oh how I want to sleep ~~~ (*swoons*). The air feels so alive, so free, so heavenly right now ~~~~..... . (*Sighs wistfully*). But I knew...the very moment I heard at fire truck and / or ambulance sirens...., a hallmark trait of a "Mandela Effect glitch / surge day", that it was my *duty* to come up on here and write a report.

I will not cut corners regarding my duties just because I want to sleep. Here goes.

I felt a colossal surge of celestial energy....as I opened my eyes, and found myself high in the air. Warm sunlight rained down upon my stretched arms. Below me was a massive expanse of golden sands, an expanse of dunes that possibly reached to the horizon. A figure far below signaled to me, waving me on..... . I recognized the figure, recognized the figure from DuckTales (!!!), and followed the friendly summons.

Some kind of realm / cosmic access conduit event took place...in a way that resembled the workings of a console forming a connection..... . I was headed somewhere.

Catching a glimpse of myself before a huge huge huge kind of "Mandela" event took place, I saw myself remotely from a distance, catching a glimpse of white feathers about my arms.... . Yea, and for just a moment......I witnessed a toon duck grafted at my body........... .

I soon found myself high in the air again, but present to this realm.

The environment...had a vibe of.........."fluidity" to it.

Yea, and the location was the same location as it was about II weeks ago when I witnessed the hissing and angry dragon, albeit very bright and sunny....., and chock full of golden sands.

A figure called to me from below, and waved. I spotted the navy cap / cap of the DuckTales related individual, and recognized the person from moments before. I soared over the ecstastic and cheering figure, and (*feels my body crackle with energy*) found myself within a canyon-like location...... . Pokemon, dog or fox Pokemon (!?!) were nestled at corners of the rocks....., but they would not strike me. They just watched at me fly......... . Turning around in my flight...after a bit, I spotted at a terrifying entity..,...... . I witnessed a gargantuan dragon dog entity at the head of the canyon area........ . Looked alot like King Caesar.... . I detected a scary power from the entity......... .

The entity seemed unresponsive......... .

The entity could not sense me? Perfect.

I quietly hovered into place, when I saw at a pair of eyes...watching at me..... . A lil fox dog entity hidden at the rocks of a canyon ledge looked at my eyes...... . Would the entity bark? Yip? Nope, he sold out his master....... .

An immense and dense pack of dark clouds formed over the formerly sunny and bright scene. Yea, but the golden sand...***still*** ***glistened***. I used my head this time, generating "sand" for the environment which was actually ***GOLD*** nuggets....(*grins*). Gold is an excellent conductor of electricity and other forms of cosmic energy......, and it has immense exorcism properties........ .

The sky crackled with my signature golden lightning ~~~~. I locked at the target.


Arcs, torrents, even a "waterfall" of lightning, dropped at the head, neck, chest, and belly of the dragon entity..... . The entity "woke up"......helpless (*winces and gulps*). In a eerie kind of "redux" to what happened back in August / September, I decided to enter at the dragon's 'mind' again....., and that as the lightning torrents continued...... . A hyperdimensional artifact manifested / dropped down from the heavens to aid me in my endeavor. The very same gated corridor used last time, but with a Yggdrasil wood assemblage.

I walked into the corridor, feeling an immense surge in my energy levels. Yea, but when I reached the tip of the corridor, my focus must've slipped, because the lightning "waterfall" ebbed, and I thus watched the dragon 'run' 'away'........ .

I felt deep pity........... . I wanted to make things quick............. .

I soon felt a comforting arm around me (*blush*)....as ***EVERYTHING*** went fluid.

I soon found myself standing beside the ecstatic individual who lead me on my way (*blush*), but the individual was revealed to be a woman ~~~ (*blinks*). (*Gulps*). I watched at an eerie progression of scenes.., the initial of which involved me witnessing the dragon entity (as a male humanoid) run to the very (Satanic) man that sold 'em out......to no avail. The Satanic and 'grinning' man......mocked the mortally wounded boy's / dragon's stumbling state. I nervously laughed...at the Satanic man's sleazy ****eating 'grin' and 'double-dealing' ways........, that as I tenderly clutched to the shoulder of the woman who stood beside me with her arm around me.

An interlude of sorts took place, where I gazed over shifting panoramic environmental views whilst standing beside the being who helped me..... . A deluge of memories washed over me (*gasps as a kiss is felt*) as she stood beside me with her arm around me. Romantic memories *O_O*..... . And (*tearfully gulps*), if marriage is real *O_O*, maybe.....m..marital memories?????? (*Blinks and feels my fingernails glowing in a puzzled manner*). My perception of my "Serena" form came online, and to my shock, the feelings of the being toward me did not change............ . Who was she???? The whole time, I struggled to see her face, and even then I only blurrily noted a subanime visual of the long sleeve shirt...and jeans (????) on a subanime.....(Mulattoesque????) graft. Me though? I just enjoyed the chance to love her, the chance to feel the love coming from my heart for her, and the love, the familiar warmth ~~ emanating from her to me. I ***NEEDED*** that. (*Gulps*). I soon found us sitting side by side in "movie director" akin chairs as visions overtook me (*gulps*). I saw at environmental events related to Japan in much the same way as I did in 2004 after the big match then. (*Recalls the suits, yellow suits*). (*Recalls electromagnetic based aurora fire /combustion events*). (*Recalls at the pizza allusions..........(*feels a burning within my soul, a burning crying for justice*)........(put "pizza" in the www.godlikeproductions.com/ forum search box to see what I am talking about)*). The visions soon ebbed, but the environment stayed fluid...... .

I suddenly saw a wharf, and a starship......... . That, as a bit of wooziness overtook me (*blushes red*), that and something I call the compass effect.................. .

A backslide was in effect though, as the starship, like the cruiser from STIV, sudden downshifted into a submarine........ . I guess I used a ***LOT*** of energy on the event from before.............. .

The setting shifted to what I presume was a lab aboard, a bay aboard, the vessel seen moments before.

I was standing in the lab / bay but I struggled to find the soulmate vibes lady who had been hugging me moments before...........(*feels my fingernails glowing longingly*).

Looking around, I caught at a strange subanime Caucasian XX chromosome type, one akin to a Russian "model" in 'height' and 'looks'..., coldly (what else) strutting at the area........and acting all weird. (Subanime long hair, a strange green or purple Star Trekkish uniform of long sleeve top and pants). To my horror though, within moments....I also witnessed a mortally wounded (*gulps in a squeamish and sickened manner*) sickly 'blue'.......and dying dragon entity 'collapse' at the area immediately beside me..... . The 12ft tall or so dragon was covered in gaping wounds......., head, neck, chest, and belly wounds......(*feels my fingernails glowing with heartache*)..... . Frozen in shock, I noticed at an odd 'suggestion' or 'request' at my mind..., one of "patching up" and "healing" the dragon...... . I had the energy, had I chose to, but why would I??!! Why should I???????????? I ran......, just feeling so squeamish..... . The neurotic Russian chick witnessed moments before...approached at my vicinity, and unloaded a deceptive sob story....about "their wildlife organization" needing my help to "save" the dragon............ . I was not feeling the Russian chick, nor the concocted trickery blitzed at me.

That was when I witnessed the Russian go tantrum mode, grab some kind of blanket, flop down to the ground sobbing, and say some warped statement about me having marked the dragon for death....... .

After that, I ambled to an area of the lab after sensing a huge influx of cosmic energy. A vision of shooting stars, meteors...., overtook me momentarily,. The vision apparently resulted in me mentally forming a very large Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope in front of me. I examined the scope, but had yet *another* trippy scenario take place. I witnessed a man approach, a Negro minister approach, giving false compliments...at my telescope before going into a strange Schmidt-Cassegrain focused diatribe about a location in Tennessee...... .

K.... . I'm sorry. That's the info...,, basically. I want to sleep right now. I thank my beloved, who guided me, held me, and protected me through today's events. I thank my family for granting me the blessed chance to reach this day.

All I know, too, is this. That yaoi stuff ain't worth a darn. My research at subanime specimens has been concluded for this session as well.
Tags: dragons, mandela effect, self defense, the yggdrasil effect
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