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Explaining My Reasoning Regarding Today's Event

This is what I looked like over here during today's events........ .

Yep. Covered in wires from emergency heart and brain monitors............ .

This my response at any rhetoric accusing a heartless monster at me.

I can not afford to waste my time, and my health can not afford 'enemies' wasting at my time.

The monster I blasted at today lied at me last year. Lied, and abandoned at any and all matters related to protecting and nurturing the innocent..... . While I felt hurt, I do not know if I got upset... . Maybe I was in shock???

But when I witnessed interference at that surge event earlier this month, I got ***really*** upset. ***VERY*** upset. I did not tolerate interference at the reality manipulation surge events which I have struggled so long to bring forth, bring forth for the sake of innocent hyperdimensional children.

About 2pm I woke.....in an alert state. I heard at a truck engine. I got dressed in a hurry, and went to the door of the house....... . I noted the dragon priest dude and H........ . I noted an invitation to a free Huddle House meal.... . (*Sigh*). I went because cooking with all these wires is a task........... . Yea, but along the way I witnessed three fire trucks (!?!?!?!) with lights flashing, and one with sirens on. A glitch day hunh?????? I then noted a strange movie shown at me about pervy grocery store items........., one that broke "the forth wall" after previously making a lotta strange allusions to the damgerous monsters behind Christianity.


Did I witness distractions aimed to stop at me doing a followup lightning blast, if a followup blast is necessary???

Can't really blame the dragon priest though. I just did not have it in me to 'slay' the dragon as I noted that laboratory bay earlier (*inhales and sighs*). I did not have it in me to do a gory melee attack. Fighting and killing are not my nature.......... . I love peace, friendship....., comradery, mirth, and love....... . (*Feels a tear going down the right side of my face*).

I'll figure what I'll do next over the next couple days.
Tags: defense protocols, event analysis
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