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Sexuality Is A Defect / Sexuality And Sex Shall Be Erased........

Warning: I did not expect my Sunday event would be so quick, so I am experiencing an overload regarding my energy. This post is my releasing of the energy building up within me. Please try to be honest with yourself. This post is not meant for mankind / mortals. I do not want to be blamed for "side effects" had by normos which check at this blog. Just because the information is free.......does not mean it is 'free'....... .

PLEASE only read this if you are not a normo, meaning you can not stand sex, men, alcohol, drugs, violence, hatred, meanies, etc.


In this world, energy determines all. All energy is consummate to..and generated by sentience, passion, meaningful thoughts, love, and will..... .

The right thoughts and emotions generate limitless energy, and shape and influence the very fabric of existence. Me? I can not give a...flip about mankind's accusations at me, because mankind does not have sentience, passion, thoughts, love, and will. Subanime mankind never had magic, and never shall have magic. The following explains why I say that. The environment responds, the fabric of reality responds, ~~~ to hearts that burn with limitless passion. Reality responds to the right philosophy......, the right thoughts / logic.

Ones that can not manipulate the environment / the elements / the fabric of reality.....with a naked heart and mind are "mentally ill". Defective. All the ones that arrogantly chucked labels at me......(*recalls those chilly days*) are guilty of the very sin they labeled at me.... .

*Focuses and gathers my thoughts*.

I'm going warm up, and build....on this, just please bear with me............. .

*Focuses and meditates*.

Physiognomy is real....., that much can not be disputed. The prettier the being, the nicer the being ~~~ and the greater the capacity for love..... . *Inhales and exhales, focusing*.

That is because solid matter and energy are directly related, if you can control and generate energy...you can control and generate solid matter...... . And, as the above says.....

"In this world, energy determines all. All energy is consummate to..and generated by sentience, passion, meaningful thoughts, love, and will..... .

The right thoughts generate limitless energy, and shape and influence the very fabric of existence."

..... .

*Stretches my neck, warming up for the main point*.

Here we go.

You ever notice that the main ones always 'talking' about (and mostly just that) sex and sexuality tend to be ***very*** unattractive......? Even within dismal subanime pseudostandards??? (*Prays and focuses my mind*). Bloated guts, flat butts, and / or shaped like twelve year old boys??? There is a reason for that. Sex and sexuality are defective and diseased 'concepts', and disgusting rot at the mind, the body, the soul, the emotions. The fabric of reality can not stand sex, and as soon as you witness a sex-crazed one blitz the topic at you, you can rest assured you witness malodorous weakling lacking at any and all blessings and magic. Know why "the good ole days" seemed like they were in the past on this planet? That is because I, in any case, did not note sex and sexuality thrown at my face every ten seconds or so as I do now. Let's continue on this.

Sex and sexuality are useless. ***No*** good comes from em. Only war, hatred, divisions, spite, drama, sickness, weakness, ugliness, disease, and death.

Me? I am not claiming to be special..... . My "abilities" are (also) an unexpected effect of the fabric of reality liking me (*gasps and goes a blushful beet red as I feel a loving caress (!!!) (*O_O*) to my backside*), (*gulps*) even loving me. Me though? I even think actual intimate relationships (which are not even related to sex and sexuality), which have their place and time, are not meant to be 'rushed' nor 'forced'.... . Before any person talks about hugging another person, or kissing another person, they *NEED* to try to have their environment, and their own ***SELF*** (body, mind, soul, and emotions) right beforehand..... . That as a sign of ***RESPECT*** and ***LOVE*** for the other person....... .

I do not plan to get nasty here, now or ever, no, but the real relationship magic (*goes totally beet red*) happens when and after ALL steps have been taken to assure a safe, prosperous, and happy world / omniversal civilization. Exactly. Magic like flatulence free bodies / feces free bodies / waste free bodies / stench free bodies...... . Gorgeous bodies (*blushes totally red*). Feminine bodies...(with no need for shaving / beating back masculinity with a stick).....(nor fake implants).... . Safe bodies which do not spread STD's / cancer.

Yea, mankind is not even ready nor feasible for being in relationships, and was wrong for even 'pretending' (same as with the fake worship and pretendorama branished by religions). And sex and sexuality are tantamount to swine wallowing in filth.

Relationships take work. Sex and sexuality 'don't'.

Sex and sexuality have no link nor relation to actual relationships, and are the domain of the lazy, the solipsistic, the narcissistic, the sociopathic, those with a sick and deranged "sense of entitlement", and the loveless. Those that do sex and sexuality....'use' 'sex' 'partners' as mere (replaceable) 'tools' to 'release' 'frustrations', and / or inflate 'their' 'malevolent' and 'bloated' 'egos'..... .

To get anywhere in life, eternal and true life, takes having respect. Respect for others. Respect for the environment. Respect for the fabric of space. And the expression of respect, is work. Yea. Working on yourself, and working on your environment, and working for the sake of others in your environment. The fabric of space always watches ***EVERYTHING*** done in it. Poopy and loveless subanime ones "going at it like thoughtless dogs" are an affront at the fabric of space and time, and said fabric does not want any part of that.......... .

So for my next "Mandela Effect" surge events, I have to see about witnessing all sex and sexuality deleted....... .

(*Thinks with heartache at Finkelris, while I still can remember at Finkelris*............).

I should, by default, note prettier and saner.....and way more stable (and fresher scented) beings then.
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