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Legal Blindness???

Yea. I noted lasers shone at me eyes yesterday and stuff.

Me? I do not sweat it. Not clearly seeing at subanime Homo Sapiens ones at my vicinity is not really a curse, and anime has been lame and 'stalled' 'out' since 2010 / 2011.

What really is on my mind (*gulps*), what really has been haunting my mind yesterday and today, is the memory of what happened Sunday........ .

I sensed the air yesterday, did so amidst a local thunderstorm, and slowly confirmed the ongoing worldwide "exorcism" wave effects I had hoped for..... . Indeed, for I struggled to detect at any 'trace' of 'Seth'. But........ . (*Sigh*). (*Shakes my head*).

I mean, I ***clearly had to do what I had to for ethics, and omniversal progress.

But why did I witness the dying....and bluish dragon....sit / collapse at the area to my immediate right / side, lie on it's back, and prepare to die (*flinches and cringes*)??? Why???? (*Mentally hears the Light Of Latios theme from the movie of yore*). Why did I not detect murderous hatred in that moment??? (*Notices a tear going down my right cheek*). (*Recalls at the horrible gouges and gaping wounds on the dragon's then whitish chest and belly*)..... . (*Feels deep and haunting sadness*)....... . How could I have possibly noted behaviors and feelings indicative of trust, trust in that moment then and there? Argh. (*Clutches my head*).

Why am I feeling like this???

Did I actually deeply cherish and adore that poor....poor.....(*shakes my head*) (*sniffles*) mortal???

(But how?????).

(*Thinks at how the dragon, in a subanime XX chromosome state, overcame, within mortal limits...., so so so many challenges in regard to reading and writing......to become number one at my eyes*). (*Sniffles and sobs some*).

Yea, this is why my stomach is turned right now..... . It all comes down to developmental issues.....(*feels a tear trickling my cheek*). And by that, I mean EMPATHY. The ability to taste and recognize love.

It looks like I may have looked over just how important empathy is....., possibly since I have had it all along.......... .

Legal blindness??? That's nothing. The worst disability, the worst kind of developmental disability (retardation), is an absence at the capacity to sense and taste the feelings and intentions of a being .......that can love, can care, can nurture, can support. (*Recalls at how millions of Christian XX chromosome types get duped by pervy males and a sadistic killer eel God alike, just like the dragon*).

I'm just going to have to, when noting 'social' situations IRL now, go through the motions and get on up from here. The same applies even if I did witness 'anime'. My heart ain't meant for the tragic stuff I witness.

I'll just get to my destination, wipe time....., and hopefully not be scarred mentally and emotionally after all that I've been through.

Oh, and my awakening is still in it's infancy. I have only tapped into tidbit, a morsel, of what I have buried / dormant...in regard to my overall capacities..... .

I just have to make sure I do not have 'a' 'breakdown' after witnessing that poor dragon, which had the 'mental' 'faculties' of a misguided 'first' 'grader'......, dying at my feet..... .

Yea. And I am not going to project nor anthropomorphize about that dying dragon.......... . Maybe I just noted the mistaken dragon mistake my gold and white spiritual light...... for 'the light of Jesus'.....?

*Clutches my head*....... .
Tags: emotional anguish, empathy, empathy is salvation, justice, pain
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