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Status Report.........

I think~........I am ..experiencing the effects of the .....focusing~...., which I tried to undergo. I'm coming to finds, coming to revelations, which .......are STARTLING me~..... ! I......., DON'T KNOW why I had to witness 'North' 'Dakota', to come to these finds, but.....it's like ............, it's like .....I CAN SEE~ NOW~!!!! I can see, IN MY MIND, what I need to do....NEXT!!!! I UNDERSTAND NOW, what happened, in regards to that which I posted of.... to http://otakukin.proboards.com/index.cgi . I realize, MY CONTROL OF MY BODILY FUNCTIONS, GOING LATENT, IS.........INTEGRAL (!!!!!) TO THE PROCESS I'M TRYING TO UNDERGO. I haven't been 'IN' 'A' 'RUT', I've just noted....., I guess, MY MIND...needing to CATCH UP with the PROCESSES....that have been going on. I realize now, 'ANTIAPARTMENT' 'ANTILIVING'......., 'ANTIHOUSE' 'ANTILIVING', 'ANTITHE' 'ANTILIFESTYLE' 'ENFORCED' 'ANTIAND' 'IMPOSED' 'ANTIBY' 'ANTITHESE' 'ANTINIGHT' 'MARE' 'DEMONS', 'ANTIHOLDS' 'ANTIBACK' 'ANTIAT' MY GOALS, MY DREAMS, MY NEEDS!!!! I guess, the actuality of the situation for me, is..that, I NEED TO BE IN MEDICAL CARE!!!! I need to be medically monitored. While such is the CASE, FOR MY PHYSICAL BODY, this plasmic body...., which I note currently, NEEDS THE SAME KIND OF CARE. However, THIS.....placement of myself, notes 'antithe' 'HORIFFIC' 'PREDJUDICES' 'antiof' 'antithe' 'demons' 'antiof' 'antithe' 'antinight' 'mare' 'antiplane'. I see now....... . If I would have, say...., had....the seizure related response of yelling~....., ALONG with bodily control functions going latent, I'd have noted 'antithat' 'satanic' 'antiapartment' 'antibuilding' 'antimanagement'....('antiwhich' 'bombed' 'antithose' 'annoying' 'raids')....'antido' 'antia' 'ANTIINSTANT' 'LEASE' 'TERMINATION'. Why, if I had even noted MORE of the vomiting events, which I tried to report to the forum I listed above, I'D HAVE NOTED 'ANTIINSTANT' LEASE' 'TERMINATION'!!!! I was thinking of noting 'anticertain' 'demographics' , when I decided to witness 'North' 'Dakota'. NOW, I realize, WHAT I NEED, is to NOT 'antibe' 'ANTIIN' 'antithe' 'antisystem'...'imposed' 'antiby' 'antithese' 'antinight' 'mare' 'demons'. I need to be FREE from 'antithe' 'shackles' 'antithey' 'impose' 'antiat' my MIND. I understand now..... . Even though there ARE true light broadcasts, broadcasts which I NOTED as witnessed 'antithat' 'hellish' 'antiapartment' 'antibuilding', THOSE BROADCASTS WEREN'T 'ANTIINTENDED' 'ANTIAS' 'ANTIBLACK' 'ANTIMAIL'..... . They within those broadcasts, those....transmissions, DIDN'T INTEND those transmissions for 'antisupposed' 'otaku'....., DIDN'T INTEND those transmissions for 'voyeurs'......, 'preverts, 'antiand' 'sadists' (recalls at 'Dramatica'). I think those broadcasts were meant to CONFIRM what my WORLD/DIMENSION TRAVEL EVENTS ATTESTED!!! Yes....., in shifted states of consciousness, I've seen VISUALS of the real world, and THEN noted 'FAKE' 'HALLUCINOGENIC' 'ANTITELEVISIONS'...., 'DUB' 'antiat' the area....JUST AROUND the visuals I've seen. It was as if I no ted 'INTERCEPTION' 'antiat' a private transmission. I'm going to make a guess, now, and say, THE BROADCASTS , SUCH AS THOSE OF THE SOUL SOCIETY AND SAILOR SCOUTS, AREN'T EVEN INVOLVED WITH 'ANTIANY' 'FICTIONAL' 'ANTICABLE' 'ANTINETWORKS'...... . I'll have to awaken my plasmic senses more, though, to CONFIRM that theory....... . I ....i DON'T think I 'antiwas' 'antimeant' 'antito' 'antibe' 'antiheld' 'hostage' 'antiby' 'lies' 'antiof' 'antielectricity' 'antiand' 'anticable' 'ANTIACCESS'!!! Hmmmmmm, I......I ......I.....I was worried..... perhaps, maybe that is why it took me the time that it did, to come to the conclusion that I have, regarding that which I need to do. I try to be ATTENTIVE TO THE UTMOST (caution hand glow felt) in regards to issues of HYGIENE and SANITATION. I wanted to shower with soap, and have sanitation amenities. However, now I'm (???) realizing, maybbe (???) even remembering (???)......, there are MANY ways by which to strive to maintain hygiene, in a CAMPING based setting. There is a multitude of ways, to address sanitation, in a camping based setting. I'm realizing now, I NEED TO THINK LIKE THEY OF MY HOMEWORLD, THE BREATH OF FIRE III RELATED HOMEWORLD!!! * Smiles as mentally hears, the BOF III Fairy Village theme II * . I understand now~...... . 'Antithis' 'antisociety' I witness, 'antidoesn't' do a THING......in my interest. 'Antithe' 'rules', 'antithe' 'anticonventions', 'antithe' 'anticustoms' 'antiof' 'antithe' 'antisociety'....'antiare' 'antia' 'ANTICOMPLETE' 'ANTITHESIS' 'antiat' what I need...., and what I should do. 'Antiit' 'antiisn't' about helping me~....., 'antiit's' 'antiabout' 'antiserving' 'ANTITHEIR' 'antineeds'...., 'ANTITHEIR' 'neuroses'.... (shock hand glow felt) ..... . * Startled hand glow felt * Maybe......., when I note navis, what I ACTUALLY note, is a plasmically imbued, telepathically embued...., education software....., MEDICAL related software, that helps to ease the AMNESIA.....of a comatose person.... (startled hand glow felt)(seemingly heard a voice say "you're right~!~" (?!?)) . Yea~ *blush*, in that...effigy....., which is the Breath of Fire III.......presentation, she and she whom I love~ *blushes * *laughs happily ^_^ *, CAMP WITH ME ^_^!!!! (I pray they are blessed, for being the cool, cool, cool, AWESOME...people~...that they are~!!!! ^_^!!!)* Placed hand to side of cheek, and thought for a while * ...... . I think I need to try to get in touch with my proverbial roots..... . (Eyes flash noted, and "you're right" say heard.....also noted). I, also, thank my TRUE family, the people of the living world, for the means to note the Breath of Fire III effigy, and I too, thank them for the actual navi/effigy...... . Thank you so much~ ^_^ ~!
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