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My "New Sense" / Intriguing Contact Event

I am sleepy right now, but again.....and as always, duty is my priority.......... . I must report this development.

Before I get into the main focus of this post, I need to give some background information.

Since moving into this house, some "new" things have been happening..... .

In this case, much of those new things pertain to a "organ" behind my eyes which seems to be semi-regularly functioning as of late.... . With said organ, I can "feel", even "see" flashes of energy....and light related to aura energy / spiritual energy / etc. I can even have a sort of full color "radar" vision of my immediate vicinity IRL using said organ.... . The organ gives me perceptory capacities much like (or even identical to) those had by my roving remote viewing / star-like form.

I held reporting this because I did not want to slip into the trap of 'roleplaying' and 'delusion'......, and needed proof / confirmation.

Now though, since it has been confirmed that I currently note worthless, 'beady', ugly, and defective subanime pseudoeyes hampering at my performance.......


....I now ***have*** to take this new development very seriously.

In theory, if I train this newly sensed / felt organ...., many doors will open for me. From what I can gather, this organ, which is *NOT* a "third eye", can directly receive electromagnetic spectrum waveforms, and can even *emit* (*hears whirring in my ears*) many many types of exotic particles / waveforms. This crystalline basis organ...., if it fully awakens, will allow me to have full dimensional vision.....whereby I can see through and inside metal, steel, boulders, flesh, spiritual matter, and even thoughtforms..... . (*Suddenly feels heart palpitations / an arrhythmia*). (Okay, need to hurry this and rest).


The sky was liquid with eerie energies yesterday.

I even caught the pink lightning on video. Yea. A trippy astral vibe was present, such so that I wondered if a surge event was on the way. I was lying down and preparing to doze......when I heard (???) the phone ring. I got up from the bedroom, and went to the dining room. Answering the phone, I was shocked to note...."Carolyn".... . The winds whipped, thunder rumbled, and lightning filled the sky.... . What was happening???

After a while of hearing at normo drama, I noted a reference at the storm.... . I chuckled. Me, I eat lightning, but why would I note Carolyn call at the middle of a windy and intense thunderstorm??? As soon as the call was concluded, I got my tablet, filmed a bit of the storm, and then went to the garage to secure some lightweight mining containers and such.

Getting back into the house, I was ***sure*** that the storm was a surge event manifestation.

I prepared to go to bed, and brace myself, and that as wooziness came over me more and more.

Walking the oak floored hallway to my bedroom, I suddenly caught at the (!!!!!!) apparition of the XX chromosome type "BG author" (!!?!!!?!??!!) at the kitchen / hallway area behind me, and that using my "new sense".... . I turned around, extending my palm, and cast a sealing glyph instinctively. My eyesight just saw thin air, but my "organ's" sight saw at the shortie (*chuckles*)....XX chromosome type....stopped at the light of my bright white energy barrier field. I noted shoulder length to beyond shoulder length hair, intense white glowing eyes, and an attire akin to a whitish shirt (???), and some pants. I calmly walked into my bedroom, questioning myself if I just imagined what happened....., when I "saw" at the apparition (!?!) again (via the "new sight"), but this time witnessed it at the side of my hallway facing my bedroom........ .

Surfing the internet for storm information in my bed *O_O*, I suddenly felt caresses............ . I put down my tablet..... . Well, next I felt (*gulps*) passionate kisses (!!!!!!!!!!) *O_O*. I, then, seemingly heard at "anime Dawn's voice"....... . *O_O*.... . Yea, and that either by my ears, by my (???) telepathic senses, and / or somehow by that new organ of mine. Yea. I heard romantic stuff said to me (*blushes*) (*feels my fingernails glow a blushful shade*). Words of love said in between loving and glowy sensation kisses (*goes beet red*)...... . (*Swoons*). Delicious....energy filled kisses (*gulps hungrily*) (*coughs*) (*coughs*).

What I next remember, was me disorientedly standing on my feet as this world was in a fluid state. My eyes were glowing white and crackling with energy (!!!), my hair felt wavy / glowed whitish, a glowing and crackling sensation was present about / through / and within my chest (*gulps*), and I stood / careened under my bedroom doorway as glanced down the hallway of my house. I may have noted a subanime or anime XX chromosome type grafted at me, that, or I noted my actual body..........(*blush*).

What just happened?

Maybe I just noted the subanime BG author apparition was just a 'void' 'echo'?

I give thanks to the beings who make my lifestyle possible..... . Hmmm, I have II more identical "organs" that will work in conjunction with the organ behind my eyes. Hmmmm..... . Makes me wonder about the sensory potential of my true hyperdimensional Serena form / body............. .

What also makes me wonder, is the fact that I, as soon as I noticed a surge event storm was taking place, wished for it to lead to me seeing a pretty girl (*goes red*)... / pretty girls........ .

(*Chuckles*) *^_^*.
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