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Time To Blast Again ???? / Surge Event Analysis / Mining To Win

*Yawns*.... .

Things have settled down a bit since the action within the prior VI days.

Some conclusive new data has come forth......

The "Mandela Effect" is just a cumulative result of the building and building surge events I have had since 2003..... . Each surge event tells a continuing story.

Mankind's 'fads' such as the LGBT / Otherkin / SB / Fictionkin 'effigies' are just reactions at my space and time manipulation megasurge events.

During the largest surge events, "matter" across this realm is returned to a "base state", and everything is rearranged.

During my Tokyo trip VII years ago (to this day (!!!!!) ???)....I witnessed a dragon standing at my path, that as my golden lightning arched around me..... . I was baffled as to why I did not witness the dragon blitz melee attacks.... .

Last weekend I witnessed that dragon reduced to a shell of it's former monstrous 2010 incarnation. I witnessed a sickly and 'bluish' entity looking akin to Dragonite from Pokemon.

So what now??? I think I may need to complete the job :/......... . Maybe I did not witness the dragon attack in 2010, because it's main form of warfare is at the mind, the soul, faith, and *CONCEPTS*. Maybe I note mankind......and "business as usual" are it's weapons. If that is the case, I must act immediately.

Maybe if I witnessed the dragon erased, erased at my space and time generated....full scale cosmic lightning (many steps up...from that used last time), and that after diving at the dragon's 'mind', a permanent and ultimate "Mandela" event will take place....... . I say that on account of the glitch day(s) experienced since last Sunday. I seemingly have to note the diseased anticoncepts within that dragon's 'mind' deleted............ . Then, maybe I can see some beautiful women IRL (*blushes totally red*)..... . Or in any case pass the time witnessing a mediocre anime environment IRL..... . Maybe I note that dragon is the center of all the rot, ugliness, and disease...... . Yea, maybe it was not coincidence that my exorcism blast resulted in me noting a Dragonite appearance.... .

Since I still witness silence from the dragon IRL (no texts, no phone calls, no messages), I have to prepare to witness " 'a' 'worst' 'scenario' "..... . Having to implement a concluding lightning blast at a pitiful and autistic seeming dragon is not something to be proud of (*inhales and sighs*). But what other choice do I have???

Hmmm... . I am so sleepy and woozy lately. Seems I need to mine more gemstones to aid me in my endeavor...... . Sillimanite, the cosmic / heavenly lightning related gemstone will be what I shall search for. I have to feed on more of it.

Tags: analysis, dragon, sillimanite, surge event
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