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Working On My New Gemstone Array / I Love Mining / Me Gots Teh Cravings / Hunger

I am working on my new bedtop Sillimanite / Fibrolite array.

I gotta admit, I'm loving the chance to mine massive gemstones for free.

Most of the specimens by the gemstone mana sword hilt piece are translucent when wet. Yea, even the big club-like gemstone.

Here are some pics of a gemmy specimen.

I think I know why I keep assembling gemstones on my bed (*blush*). It's hunger......., hunger for mana..., and memories (*goes totally red*). I am going to have to elaborate here, since mankind does not even give an example or frame of reference to what I mean.

Women, real women, are elemental energy basis lifeforms (in conjunction to having physical bodies).. . They generate vast vast quantities of elemental mana (*blinks as I feel a kiss*), and even store said energy in......um....(ok, I gotta keep this secret so as to be able to quiz at fakers / fakes / con men in the future). Yea. (*Blush*). Their bodies glow in the verbatim manner of elemental star adorned Yggdrasil trees due to the fire, lightning, water, earth, light, dark, wind, floral, and other types of mana within them. Anybody from the hyperdimensional plane should know what I am talking about (hint hint *^_~*).

This little and desperate array of mine....(*blushes*)...., now I realize, has been a instinctive attempt by me to "make due" (*blush*) in regard to magical / mana basis nutrition needs...... . Yea, I am hungry.....(*sighs*). It cool *^_^*. Hunger is a sign of life, a reminder of being alive. Yea, I hunger now for magic energy, elemental energy, no less than I would for solid food....... . That is a sign of my awakening.

Well, time to mine.

Tags: cravings, females and mana generation, gemstone training, gemstones, hunger, magical nutrition, mana is food for the soul, mana nutrition
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