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A Hard Question To Ask Myself

Seems like surge events, in conjunction with herbal medicines, have my heart *O_O* functions stabilized and recovering.... . But before I plan my next Japan trip, I need to face my latest revelation.

Hmmmmm. Yea. I came to a startling revelation this week. That said though, looks like I caused another "Mandela Effect".

Indeed. Why am I noting Roosh V grafted (and downplaying) at the very subject and words of the revelation I had just days ago?

Well, I am not going to complain...... .

Yep. I guess I get to hold writing a long post today. I can just post links for now.



After IRL witnessing Caucasian XX type payrents neglect and abuse spawn (by using a herbal medicine practice as a cover to study at em) time and again, it is like I can see clearly now. Yea, I have been projecting all my life. Projecting expectations and ideals sourced from a hyperdimensional paradise where the actual and only females exist. With that projecting issue taken care of, I can see clearly now.


"To see the true nature of a being revealed, give them everything they said they wanted".... .

The above quote / phrase works any and every time.

I get it now. It is just like how I can ***know*** a Christian "heaven" would never work. A Christian "heaven" would be a h#llhole full of riots and revolts. Why do I say that? The Christians must have a present bad guy figure to blame for their shortcomings and inherent depression, or they have "breakdowns". The Christians must have someone to bully (whether by direct aggression or passive aggression), or tread over in a condescending way, or they have "breakdowns". The Christians must have trivial drama to distract them / keep them tied up and "busy" or they have "breakdowns". There is no solution to the problems of ones which are inherently unstable, volatile, unhappy, thoughtless, loveless, and destructive.

I gotta face facts..... .

Me? I pray I am not crazy, ignorant, and a liar....... . Can I personally back up what I say I advocate? Fake pseudofeminists sure can't. My ultimate test will come when I have everything I say I wanted. Will I be content, happy, and able to fit in in a truly productive and sanctified society? Will I have what it takes to not be an abject failure, a loser, and pathological liar???

Only time will tell?

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