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Wow....Just Wow / I Can't Stand Anime

Yea, there is no anime industry..... .

I really do note some kind of fluid world, where even grocery stores and technology are point generated.

I have talked about a "blue place" event for over a decade, where all space and time is free from evil, pure, brimming with holy energy, and sanctified.

Following a hunch to study at 'super' 'God' 'Zeno' 'data', specifically his cited multiversal erase powers, I watched at a video.


I note a warped and imperfect version at the holy blue place event which I have spoken about for decades. Ick.

A genderless clone like Zeno can't bring about the real version.

He is too weak.

Still, I am shocked. Everything I say, and talk about, gets misrepresented at by anime. It never fails..... .

The day I see a beyond anime woman with real and beautiful hips and thus a real and beautiful thigh gap on a tv / tablet screen, is the day I will see media directly attesting truth.....the truth which pertains to witnessing false multiverses ***AND*** false timelines erased. Yea, there must be no trace of the sinners. None. No DNA, no atoms, no 'history'. Not even memories of 'em. History must be as clean as the fabric of space.

*Sighs in ecstasy and hope for the future*.

We all need it. We all want it.
Tags: anime = false imitation at life, fluid world, physiognomy, physiognomy is real, reality manipulation, the blue place, the mandela effect
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