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A Burning Passion For Victory / Dodging "The Mating Season" (Again)

Lol. I have quite a temper IRL...... . I was almost seeing red after something that went down earlier (some XX chromosome receptionist trash popping off over trivial foolishness). Rather than cause another pyrokinetic storm event like last fall...., I took some herbal medicine (Rhodiola Rosea), and went to *TRAIN*. Yea, push some metal, and do something productive with my upset emotion state.

I was bathed by cosmic and celestial energy in my pastoral setting yard...... . I drank in the water mana from the river across my house. I drank in the celestial energy present within the radiant atmosphere above the house. I pulled on the energy from my gemstones within the house, and on the property.

Though it was faint, a sparkling and hope charged aura field formed around my body.

I was astonished by what happened when I actually lifted weights.

I shot past weightlifting benchmark points which were attained last year....long before grave heart issues set in.

Yea, I'm not dead or dying......, and I even think I note a regenerative capacity thanks to the Mandela Effect. The Mandela Effect that has me now noting a subanime / anime "hybrid" Negro XY chromosome type body IRL.

Goku size biceps...and all.

I am not going to complain and act like some ***** when I witness unjust aggressors........ . Now that I have journalized through the winter, it's time to pump iron, train my mind / body / soul / emotions, and strive for perfection in whatever I do. See this blog??? It is not some "fat acceptance" blog pandering to the weak for  tons and tons of "views". This blog is a pantheon, just like this house. Only those that would strive to surpass any and all mediocrity will love it....., only those who do not need excuses for bad behavior will love it. That is why this blog is just like my house. Ain't no unwanted traffic for either.

This is a new era. I'm going to rise up, and sacrifice all I have to do work. Anybody willing to do the same...is welcome to join me, whether here, or with free amenities and support in real life (after a thorough screening of course).


On another note, I note XX chromosome types be trippin..... .

Why am I noting claims of "handsome" at this XY Negro 'body'.......from teh "locals"?

XX types wanna get "drunk" and "party" at my crib...... . Naw..... . I do not need STD's like AIDS, Herpes, Genital Warts, cancerous HPV, depression, and foreign / vectored "parasitic negative entities".

I'm going to have to keep dodging.... . Though I do not know if there is a chance for it nowadays, I will *NOT* falter when it comes to the whole reason for me getting this house.

If there is another hyperdimensional being directly trialing with me, and I can find them, this house will be our training sanctuary. Our pastoral mountain paradise. Yea. Where we get stuff *done*, enjoy life, and ***prove*** ourselves to the world.
Tags: burning passion, celibacy, chi training, determination, focus, passion, training, weightlifting
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