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Yesterday Was Awesome / Incredible Thunderstorm Generating Surge Event

Yea, wherever I am, whatever the month / season, I cause thunderstorms IRL during the bulk of my surge events....... . My newly awakened aura field is responsible for drastically shifting the weather wherever I am. Okay, here is how it went.

After dinner, and muscle training herbal medicine time, I retired to bed. I was still upset, very.....upset, and actually worried about causing another pyrokinetic storm event for the forests around here..... . I could tell things were serious, because in true glitch day fashion, I noted firetruck after firetruck zooming down the rural road in front my house.

Sleep came over me after I felt the glowing, nourishing (*purrs*), and warm hug of a mysterious and yet so familiar hyperdimensional female (*blushes*) (aka my usual way of going to sleep). (*Prays in thanksgiving*).

I woke some point later in darkness...., noting knocking sounds at my house door.... .

J....knocked at my door O_O... . After finding he ran over at the red chair in the photograph from yesterday (the antique one given by Carolyn), I noted an invitation to a free Huddle House dinner O_O...........

J was acting as if he was on edge....... . (Did he see at aura colors around me, or this house by chance???).

I got back home..., and decided to check at "History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi" anime to search for any potential signs of beautiful females / information regarding beautiful females.

Maybe I went to bed about 1am???

Yea, but I woke some point to hear thunder booming the house, and when I opened my eyes, lightning, perhaps pink lightning, caused a burst of light from my window that made me see stars a bit. The house *shook* as if the lightning made ground contact.... . I considered getting up to unplug my tube guitar amp and tube reverb, but an an energy surge came over the area... .

When I opened my eyes next, there was a ***thunderstorm*** with intense lightning and booming thunder surrounding me. Wherever I was, things seemed fluid..... . It was a stormy place, where it looked like a massive storm hurricane or county size tornado was about to take place. Searching around, I witnessed 'KC' (not explaining that here). The lightning kept blasting everywhere, until boom (!!!)... . Some kind of wave was released, because I noted an "environment wide anime transformation" (!!!!!!!)........ .


Interlude: This event may be *really* important in regard to my life goals..... . I am going to have to analyze it, for it falls right along with what I said yesterday IRL. Indeed. XX chromosome types are the enemy...., and maybe the deadliest and most viral incarnation of evil, destruction, entropy, and chaos.... .


After that big storm flash, I found myself hovering around some kind of slagged zone and / or scrapyard.

I was shocked to see Sailor Moon (!?!) kneeling..., kneeling as sustained blasts were directed at Sailor Moon. I was garbed in white I think (???), not even with armor on (*sighs*). Some (*gulps*) powerful powerful.......high anime Chaos entity, akin to a XX chromosome God type, was blitzing crushing force at Sailor Moon. Two more high anime entities (seemingly "lackeys") were blasting at Sailor Moon with staff / sceptre based attacks.

Survival instincts kicked in, and I knew what to do. Oh yes..... . I meditated..... . I remembered my goals. I did not lose myself to hatred and rage. I focused.

The little Sailor Moon was suddenly enshrouded by a rainbow toned and pulsating / rotating aura field, a field shaped like an infinity symbol...... . The three sustained beam attacks, which did not seem to harm Sailor Moon anyway, were nullified at the presence of that field.

A neurotic seeming entity in a blue garb / minidress was freaking out around the two lackeys. Said entity blasted at Sailor Moon...., joining into the ambush.

The rainbow aura manifestation / glyph around Sailor Moon gave way to a bright white transformation flash, and there I was...looking ***way*** different from anime's stunting limits. Upon standing, I had a height beyond 6'3 (as it should be for my taller form variants). (*Blushes red*). I was worried about that yellow, black, (*gulps*) and another color....s..skirt though. I was also worried about thigh gap matters (*feels my face turning blue and purple with worry and shame*) too....., not sure if I surpassed anime's crippling, icky, and deadly limits. Still, the elemental energy (magic energy) generation from said body stopped at the blasts entirely. The ambush failed.

Taking some time to calmly assess the situation, I remotely detected at that anime Mamoru guy (no feeling for him, as usual) and even detected at the anime / fake Sailor Scouts.... . 'They' were seemingly at the sidelines far away....... .

(*Feels my face go blue at the words of the neurotic one*). The blue minidress wearing one, freaking out, was like "why'd he get so big?!?!". Lest my hearing slipped, I likely noted a reference at this blog and my online "Jag Yggdrasil" persona.

The whole setting experienced an "event collapse" soon after, on account of the passive and omnidirectional energy generation from my aura.

The question now is, who or what did I witness??? Did that ambush involve Finkelris, Ketrino, and two others???

It took some time for this world to reform again lol (*cackles*). Some point, I was on the move in a little vehicle (the Steel Diver from MKVIII), and dodging squealing cop cars (lol). I may have been in my "kid Peach" form. Yea, things are picking up.

Another question is this question. How many more surge events must take place before a permanent map adjustment??? Yea, because I have already caused world scale meteor events and earthquake events that got "rewound", so I have found. (*Recalls at the "Fictionkin", "Soulbond", and "gender dysphoria" outbreak*).

Aside from the Omniversal Routing Gem option, what can I do so that this "world map" does not keep coming back??? What lesson must I learn? What must I do? What is the key....(*feels my heart jump as the Wii U suddenly turns on*).

What, or ***who*** (*blinks*), is the key.

I will give things time. There must be "Mandela Effects", like underground (and above ground) starships and artifacts popping up.......which mankind grudgingly does not want to tell me about. Not only that, but random men turning into anime chicks prolly lol :P.
Tags: aura manifestations, mandela effect, sailor moon, surge event, surge storm, warfare, weather manipulation
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