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Kingdom Hearts? / Kenichi / Learning What Sovereignity Truly Means

Hunh? What???

Kingdom Hearts is....not available for Gamecube now???

What :p? Well, that has to be an effect....., and maybe an effect related to my blasting at that dragon... . (*Feels my fingernails glowing in shock*). I planned to check KH anyway, but after noting "Donald Duck"...."leading the way" to the dragon last month, I feel the need to check KH for the sake of data gathering. Gosh. Wow. I even specifically recall being invited to watch the KH or KHII final boss battle......back in 2002 / 2003 or so....... . Yea. I went across the hall, on the 3rd floor of Reynold's Hall ("the Honors dorm" aka "upper middle class Caucasian dorm"), and watched some fight involving an angry boy in a monster form.

Hmhh........ .

Things been trippy lately. Check GLP for instance.

Heh. "Anomaly" hunh? *Blinks*. Even references at my chilling with Pinkie? Jeez....... . *Blinks*.


Yea, the world been seeming fluid lately... . After lifting weights, and making my muscles swell IRL with a new kind of energy control / ki control technique, I have been very sore and gripped with body pains and spasms lol :P. So what happened next? Immediately after taking baby steps in learning / relearning ki control.......I noted the Kenichi anime's final 7 episodes describing at ***verbatim*** techniques I have used recently in real life. Including the ki harnessing techniques that have me noting "legal blindness" and heart issues in real life. I even witnessed the dude "Odin"......, the "Sei / Dou" user, inferred as having true vision on account of "eye issues". Still have yet to see a decent thigh gap whilst witnessing the anime though (*shakes head*).


I did some writing today? Yea, on paper. I understand now...what sovereignity is all about??? (*Blushes blue and red*). That is why, although I am embarrassed and feeling self-conscious, I must keep this journal titled as it is??? (*Gulps*). My destiny is to provide a land, a safehaven, to decent and innocent beings in need of safety, and a home. In doing that, and because of that, I have sovereign aspirations O_O. I am not talking about some "dictatorship" either. I do not want power, I do not want "servants", and I do not want to make pompous demands at anybody's services or time. I just want the people I care about safe and happy. Indeed. Nourished, vibrant, and full of hope. That said, I am not going to quit my dreams. I find the "anime Sailor Moon" stuff ridiculous. Just icky and gross. Yea, but my experiences have shown me that there is a higher truth, a higher plane...far beyond "anime". I figure that I may as well give that truth a chance..... .

That said, I am ready to sacrifice. (!! *Gasps as I feel a caress*). If I were to wake up tomorrow.........witnessing the verbatim 'SM' anime world / h#ll......., I feel ready and primed to dodge the men, dodge the masculinized and sycophantic XX chromosome type 'Sailor' 'Scouts', persue my plans, and witness unholy hatred and wrath dumped at me (same as now). I think I know what to do now. I feel emotionally ready anyhow. Yea, I will not accept the anime limits..... . I feel on fire with passion and determination....... . If the Sailor Moon event happened last week was actually ***here*** and some kind of boosted "Mandela Effect" test run, I am ready for more. A whole lot more...... .
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