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Another Contact Event / Fluid World Events Taken To The Next Level

Ergh..... . I noted a peculiar event today?

I was woozy, and aching IRL. Felt like something big was about to happen. I grabbed my Sillimanite sword and shield, and thus my pain was eased. Everything felt shiny IRL, and I think I busted a hole in the cloud cover above my house (again).

Wild events followed.

I did not know where I was, but I found myself *somewhere*.

I was sitting....in a room.

And it was there that I witnessed subanime to anime transformation K again.............. .

Yea, this time noting a trippy yellow / orange right eye trait, and blonde elongated eyelashes (and curvy blonde eyebrows) K. (The left eye was blue).

I touched at K's arm (*blinks*) for some reason, and asked questions. Appearance related questions.

Not long after that, an incredible event took place. The world seemed like a literal fluid. Was I in deep water???

Amidst floating, I suddenly witnessed a scary and gargantuan abyss serpent (???) (with crazy 'mouthparts') close in and devour at me (God???). He spoke at me? Yea........ . I must've gotten spooked??? A light appeared around me, and maybe I saw a friend or friends appear??? The monster could not handle my energy shield, apparently barfing and dying (!?!).... .

I surfaced for a moment to witness a verbatim toon world with a yellow sky, and a multitude of toon islands. I descended into the watery depths to rest though (for somehow I could breathe). I saw what seemed to be a "Little Mermaid" type setting. Glad I did not "go fishy", I don't want a fish tail lol :P. Somebody I....(???) recognized...(???) tried to sit on my lap as I sprawled on the ocean floor. I winced, vocalized, because "cosmic energy pains" overwhelmed me and me tum tum area was sensitive. The petite individual moved, and watched over me (???)..... .

I am learning to not assume every event is a dimension diving event..... . Fluid reality events are here to stay...apparently. Indeed. Now I just need to....just note "upgraded".....subanime 'units'. Yea. "Soulbonds", "fictionkin", and "otherkin" are just "side effects" at full scope of The Yggdrasil Effect.

When the effects swing into full gear, (*facepalms*) I will likely note animefied / cartoony (*cackles*) Finky and K skipping around......, and acting all slapstick :D. Yea. I *am*.....here to study..... . Lol. Even so (*sigh*) I am going to have to manage my expectations........(again)..... . Yea. No hugging on (*cackles*) anime Finky and K :D!
Tags: fluid world, reality manipulation, the mandela effect, the yggdrasil effect
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