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Delicious Cosmic Energy / Dimension House / Survival Of The Happiest

*Feels flutters in me tum tum :D!!!*

My new gemstone array....did it again *O_O*.

Yea. Around midnight, I decided to check MK Wii.....for an initial time?

Yea. *WOW*. (*Shakes my head in awe*). My gem room / media room feels saturated with hope charged ~~~ cosmic energy. It feels like it is even glowing (!!!!!). I am amazed by this house chance (*shakes my head*). It feels like there are no limits, in regard to what holy energy fueled events can happen next here (*gulps in awe*).

Yea, this is my private world ~~~ whether I witness an invasion force or not. Only ***I*** could unlock the meaning and the energy within the items of this world. It was all meant for me all along. The media preceded the men. That is what I believe. Yea. (*Feels my body brimming with hope and starry energy*).

Yea, if mankind could not take the resources within MK Wii, and utilize the cosmic energy "maps" and "links" therein, then I witnessed "game over" for mankind a long time ago........ . Yea. There is no excuse. NONE. Yea, it was over a long looooong time ago. In this world......only I can rescue artifacts from the "memory hole" 'treatment' (like Breath Of Fire, Legend Of Mana, MK Wii, and Legends Of Symphonia II), and turn them into fuel for Mandela Effects / cosmic scale events. Yea. Only I ever could show the meaning and potential intended of this place.

Me? I'm gonna keep having fun in this dream house *^_^*. Fluid world events are my focus now, but the Japan trip for 2018 is already in the works....(if need be).

*Dances to the cape underwater theme* ~~~~~ *^_^* ~~~~~!!!!

*Feels my fingernails glowing rainbow colors of hope*.
Tags: cosmic energy, dimension house, dream generated world, drwam generated media, enjoying life, good clean fun, lucid dream world, peach
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