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The Fluid Point / What You See Is What You Get....

Things have been kinda hectic IRL here :P.

This is an update.

It looks like I witness 'new' 'enemies' lately :D. Yea. Some kinda 'clique' of 'elite' subanime / anime XX types....., and maybe the ones sighted at during my last transformation event which I posted about on here. Looks like I note the force / clique targeting at acquiring my notes, specifically my gender research notes......., and the illustrations with hyperdimensional / anatomical information which I will not post online.......... . Some kind of pseudogoddess......, perhaps a gimmicky '5th' or '12th dimensional', is tied up with the clique. Me??? I just plan to study at the force :D. I need to be wary though..., lest I note a / (another) 'supermodel' 'class' XX type IRL............. . Yea, but one loaded with 'money' and 'social' 'skills'........ .


Now..... . It has come to my attention that the Mandela Effect / Yggdrasil effect has been going on all along. Thing is though, my awakening is just getting underway.

Anime is / was just an unwanted "side effect" at The Yggdrasil Effect. Otherkin, otakukin, and SBers are all "unwanted side effects" / "dead ends" that do not lead to anything, or prove anything.

Me? I am seeking truth, and the ultimate beings who shape and define all existence. It just so happened, and unexpectedly so, that I found that said beings are always undeniably feminine (!!!!), and look like sweet little monkeys of unsurpassed beauty and cuteness (*blush*). Little monkeys with puffy colorful hair, lovely full sized eyes, sleek tapering torsos, slender waists, beautiful hips, curvy round bottoms, and unmistakable and incomparable ~~~ thigh gaps.......(*goes totally red*). Only they can talk sense, make sense, have sense, plan sensibly, make sensible decisions, and live sensibly from day to day (no tweaking on meth, no drugs, no alcohol, no porn, no smut, no killing, no condoning and abetting aka 'f#llating'.....perverts / killers / rapists, no cancerous and nonsensical false religions). What you see is what you get with awe-inspiringly cute hyperdimensional beings...... .

The anime / anime worlds I have witnessed thus far....meant nothing. All I could do, too, was find that there is more (ie thigh gaps lol *^_^*).

(*Senses an eerie "dimension shifting" sensation as I type, and feels sacred red and black energies*).

Eerie events happened in tandem to this revelation.

For example, yesterday....I woke to eerie..uh.....sensations and sounds....IRL. Perceptual settings regarding my internal organs were shifting, so a literal "transformation" was going down in real life. Yea, but it did not go back into dormancy as had been the case so many times before.....*O_O*. The event was actually preceded by a ***HUGE*** awakening event which I will hold writing about here...(*blushes as recalls that red leather dress*)....., and followed by an event I will hold writing here. My point is.....there is a very high chance that this world will be in a permanently fluid and constantly shifting state soon........ . I may even witness hundreds of technically "beyond anime" worlds that still are not the hyperdimensional and true world........ . Through all of that.......I will have to stay true to my beliefs, my identity, and my goals. I will have to stay focused, and not 'sellout' for faker 'hotties' and 'distractions'.

I feel excited and ready *^_^*.

Yep, the seed of the new age, The Yggdrasil Age, has been set. Now it is just an issue of time, and luck.
Tags: awakening, defense protocols physiognomy is real, the yggdrasil effect, time and space phenomena
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