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Heavenly Living / Black Kyanite And Golden Sillimanite / Yummy Candy

Me been lifting those weights again *^_^*!!!!

Me been pushing steel cause I no want teh icky grossness gut.

My weightlifting assistance gemstone today was this newly mined Black Kyanite and Golden Sillimanite unit.

I store my energy in these gemstones for later use.

Oh.... . This candy really yummy *^_^*. I love it. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......... . (*Feels mouth water*).

Now time to go make dinner. Fried tenders in omelets, and green algae lol............. .

But...before that (*grabs more candy*)........ .


Waaaaaaaahahaha ~ *^_^*!!!!!!!!!!!. I love this hooooooooooouuuuuse ~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!

*Cackles and rolls on the floor as types =^_^=!!!!!*.



Tags: candy, gem mining, gemstone, gemstone training, house of my dreams
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