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Fiddy Fi Smackers / Smokehouse Pizzatime Dance Party / Wings Of Love Version II

*Feels my eyes glowing with elation and excitement*.

(!!! *Feels a caress to the top of my head*).

I bout jumped as I heard and saw a car pulling into the carport.

Tenders were frying in teh frying pot.... .

Twas the North Dakota trip proposal dude O_O and his new spouse...... .

I soon found myself staring at cash paper (!?!).... .

I used Wings Of Love (*laughs*), which lets me project my emotions of love, happiness, and joy into my environment and any lifeforms nearby. (It also eases pain).

There was much fun and laughter.

I also offered some of me fried taters *^_^* (*cackles*).

WOL launched into full activation.

So, I was offered a trip to the store, and a pizza dinner *O_O*.

(*Gulps hungrily*). I ate all my food, then went to ride around and chill. I got invited to a BBQ dinner on Sat / Sun, and even noted a "baby shower" invitation. I asked what shower was, asking for the chance to note more "white people lessons" :P. Much laughter took place. Then Aves was like

"I had forgotten how much fun it is to hang out with him ~~~..........".

The LC Smokehouse pizza was picked up before the Walmart trip. I said words of thanks, and took the pizza and the soda of the fizz which were handed to me. I gazed down hungrily.....to the pizza. I reeeeeeally wanted to eat it. The Yggdrasil Effect kicked in (*cackles*).

Walmart was apparently closed due to a burst water pipe *^_~*.

Hunh.... .

So the riding around was concluded, and I gave the salutations.....and skittered in to get down....on feasting.

I ate the pizza real fast =^_^=.

I sunk my chompers in deep ~~ :D!!!!!!

I give thanks that today could be some awesome. I give thanks for the food, and the fun. What a day ~~~ !


I wanna dance some more~~~....... . Yea, I'm gonna party =^_^=!!!!

*Cranks up the Mario Kart soundtrack*.
Tags: chilling in the crib, fun, house of ecstasy, house of fun, pizza
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